Thanks to the diversity of its climate and the extent of its territory, Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world, offers several parks and nature reserves to explore. From Toamasina passing through Fianarantsoa to Tulear, that diversity is still omnipresent. In the Eastern of the country (Marojejy, Masoala, Zahamena, Ranomafana, Andringitra), it is mostly rainforest, lush and rich vegetation as orchids and other tropical plants that predominate but are also prime habitat for several lemurs, endemic frogs, birds,... On taking the roads of the south, dry forest, canyon, forest of thorns, baobab trees make up most of what there is to discover during a visit to Madagascar.

The Tsingy of Bemaraha (forest of rocky points) in the West of the country, a park are among the six UNESCO World Heritage in Madagascar, the marine reserves of Mananara Nord and Sahamalaza where humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins are the delight of visitors, wetlands and protected shoreline formed also this unique diversity that the country offers, a diversity that will amaze you until you leave the country.
Madagascar National Park (, the entity that manages the network of fifty parks and nature reserves and two marine parks also intends to offer the best in this part of the Big Island. Each visit of these reserves contributes in more to their preservation.