Alley of the baobabs: A jewel of southwest Madagascar

Alley of the baobabs: A jewel of southwest Madagascar

Often featured on the most beautiful postcards of Madagascar, the Allée des Baobabs is a tourist site that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Pleasantly located about twenty kilometers north of Morondava, these majestic baobabs reveal a grandiose spectacle at dawn and at sunset.
Indeed, both from the first light of day and the moment the sun disappears from the horizon, tourists happily treat themselves to a moment of pure happiness, even if only for a few minutes, to contemplate and photograph these famous spectacular bottle trees.

Made up of around fifteen of these gigantic trees, which the Malagasy have called “roots of the sky” and worship, the Baobab Alley extends over a 400-meter stretch of road which connects Morondava and Belo sur Tsiribihina. Belonging to the Adansonia grandidieri family, the specimens of baobabs which line this sanctuary of extremely rare beauty are of a variety of baobabs endemic to the Big Island. Almost 10 centuries old, these giant trees, also called Reniala by local residents, literally translated as “mother of the forest”, measure more than 30 meters in height.

Furthermore, Green Island has six of the eight varieties of baobabs in the world, while Africa only has one. Classified since 2007 among the protected areas of the Big Island, this “natural monument” of rare elegance to visit with a Madagascar travel agency has for years been an unmissable tourist attraction in the South-West of Madagascar and remains the most visited the Morondava region.

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