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Want to know more about Antananarivo ? Try out Ampefy tour Madagascar : a small village located just over 100 km west of Antananarivo.

Looking for Ampefy tour Madagascar ? You can reach this resort in two hours of travel from the downtown. The volcanic landscape, very hilly, offers a place for relaxation and rest. It gets you far from the crowded beaches of the coastal resorts of Madagascar. However, you cannot find the atmosphere anywhere else. The Itasy region gives a real haven of peace nestled in the central highlands. The Ampefy area is characterized by a volcanic landscape and has been classified as an ecotourism destination. Volcanos dating back two million years have shaped these exceptional panoramas presented to visitors. It is often associated with Itasy Lake. However,  it is more specifically on the Itasy weir, the Kavitaha : a little further upstream. Rock piles which, during the rainy season and thethe Kavitaha form beautiful waterfalls. Include this as part of the best Madagascar tours ideas.

The Kavitaha Hotel Ampefy Madagascar

The Kavitaha Hotel Ampefy Madagascar

Lake Itasy Madagascar

Lake Itasy belongs to those places you can visit on your tailor-made vacation to Madagascar.

You can meet Lake Itasy in the heart of a volcanic region in the Central Highlands at an altitude of 1,221 meters. We present to you here the third largest lake in Madagascar, with an area of 3,500 ha, after Lake Alaotra and Lake Kikony. Lake Itasy is formed during a volcanic eruption. An impressive lava flows projected by the volcano formed the water. The site is conducive to the ride in canoe. The edge of the lake includes many water birds. Ampefy tour Madagascar

In addition to Lake Alaotra, the region brings to sight beautiful madagascar tours, more than 40 volcanic lakes scattered over an area of 400 km2. This is the case of Andranotoraha crater lake, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful volcanic lake in the region. This heavenly place is between the domes of Kitia and Ambohibe. Book Ampefy tour Madagascar

Itasy Lake Ampefy Madagascar tours

The island of the virgin

The islet of the virgin is an almost island of Lake Itasy, a must visit site during Ampefy tour Madagascar.

Located 3 km from Ampefy, the rocky outcrop Ambohitrimanjaka is considered the geodesic center of Madagascar. The name of the island of the Virgin comes from the statue of the Virgin: 6 m in height and equipped with three altars in the southern part of the stele. The island of the Virgin or “Ambohitrimarimanjaka” (the Mount of Mary) offers a panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings. The show is impressive especially with a view at height, one of the best madagascar tours

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geyser ampefy madagascar


The geysers site is located 22 km from Ampefy. It includes the Analavory, Ampefy and Amparaky Geysers. The site offers a spectacular gushing spectacle of a few meters high. Discontinuous source of hot water and steam, rich in minerals (sulfur and silica) form the Geyser. Over time, this effervescence has given rounded shape in ocher colors and red rocks. This phenomenon is due to the contact of water with the volcanic rocks always hot. When boiling, the water expands and rises to the surface. The expelled water is not too hot, which gives a great moment of relaxation. It can be reached by car, mountain bike or even hiking. Prepare your visit to Ampefy and make the most advantages of this madagascar tours with Tsiky Tour Operator.
The fall of The Lily

The fall of La Lily is a famous waterfall formed by an old crater with a height of 26 m.

The waterfall comes from Lake Itasy. During the rainy season, we hear the buzz of the fall of the Lily from afar. The spill of water generates sheaves of foam. Green grass that line the beautiful come from fall. The waterfall offers a very beautiful and impressive landscape. But the waters of the basin feels so fresh and limpid and naturally invites to bathe. Take Ampefy tour Madagascar and book it with Tsiky Tour Operator

The name of the fall of The Lily reminds of the story of the daughter of a planter family who lived in the small village of Antafofo. The little girl disappeared and all the inhabitants thought she had been swept away by the fall after searching in vain. They attributed Lily’s name to the fall, in her tribute to the little girl.

Activities in Ampefy : Ampefy tour Madagascar

Ampefy belongs to the favorite places of many Tananarivians who wish to spend relaxing days, especially at the end of the week. The place speaks for itself as ideal for hiking and outings to discover the different sights of madagascar tours. Nature and outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in picnics as Ampefy offers extensive excursion possibilities. Indeed, the peaceful places are not lacking to enjoy the calm and the beauty of the volcanic landscape. Visitors can also go boating or ride on the lake by speedboat.
Ones know Ampefy for its fish from different lake basins in the region. Many visitors are attracted by the fishing of black bass, tilapia, royal carp …
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