Avenue of the Baobabs tour – South Madagascar

Guided tours through the Avenue of the baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabas tour - South Madagascar

A loop to visit all the South Madagascar and Avenue of the baobabs

A perfect two-week loop to discover the Avenue of the Baobabs and the RN 7

The South of Madagascar and the Avenue of the baobabas belong to those destinations with thousand facets essential to the travelers of passage in the red island. Unique tourist sites in the world and landscapes with breathtaking panoramas will not fail to amaze you in this largest region of Madagascar. To guide you, here is an idea of ​​circuit to make a perfect loop while crossing the West, the South-west and the big South of the big island in 15 days.

Isalo Avenue of the baobabs and Toliara

South of Madagascar means suggestions to discover the massif of Isalo and the Baobab Alley. And then, of Toliara which is endowed with one of the longest barriers of coral of the world. This southern city of Mada will lead to Ifaty, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Big Island.

To make a perfect loop in the South without returning by the roads you have passed, you must first go to Antsirabe. Enjoy your visit to the city of waters to recharge your battery. The road may be quite long and tiring. After a thermal cure, head west.

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Avenue of the baobabs – Belo sur Tsiribihina

Along the way, be sure to take photos of the vast rice fields of Betafo. Then, join Miandrivazo to board the barge that will take you along the Tsiribihina river to Belo sur Tsiribihina. From there, will start the unusual landscapes of western Madagascar. Wide sandbanks occupy the banks of the river. Herons, teal, humpback ducks make it their home. In the savannahs will gradually parade, the first baobabs alley, where maki play.


Tsingy of Bemaraha and the south west

In Morondava, a poorly maintained road leads to Bekopaka. Take a detour to discover the small Tsingy and the big Tsingy of Bemaraha. These massive diaclases with breathtaking panoramas that make the reputation of south Madagascar. Pedestrian circuits of different levels will allow you to cross large savannas, mysterious caves and secondary forests decorated with beautiful orchids. You will also have the opportunity to see live sifaka (lemurs catta) and fosa (fox) in freedom in Tsingy of Bemaraha. On the way back, take some souvenir photos of the famous Baobabs alley where you find the baobab trees.

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Alley of the baobabs or Avenue of the baobabs Madagascar

Then, take the initial route to the south to reach Toliara. En route, you will go through Belo-sur-Mer, a small village that is home to the largest dhow manufacturing site on the island. From Andavadoaka begins a beautiful trail that runs along the beautiful beaches of the Mozambique Channel. Some of them have never known the traces of man. Admirable creeks, centuries-old baobab trees and casuarina forests pass by the side of the road. They happily decorate the landscape and seem to greet visitors.

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avenue of the baobabs or the baobab avenue tour madagascar

Toliara and beautiful beaches of Ifaty

Various land and water activities await you in Salary, south madagascar. Wrecks of Portuguese and English ships await your visit to the seabed. Along the way, visit the Mikeas Forest, a tribe that lives in complete isolation, without any contact with modern civilization. A hundred kilometers from this village, the passage of the beautiful beaches of Ifaty tells you that the city of Toliara and the paved road is nearby.

Isalo national park : the main south madagascar attraction

To finish the loop, take the RN7 and cross in turn the massif of Isalo with its landscapes identical to those of the Western, his tombs atypical and its inevitable national park. Isalo national park remains the main attraction of travelers passing through Madagascar. During your stopovers in Fianarantsoa, ​​Antoetra, Ambositra and Antsirabe, do not forget to buy atypical craft items from the know-how of the local population of Isalo. Have a nice trip !


At the exit of the village of Mangily, you will see the natural reserve of Doumergue or Reniala Park. It belongs to the most interesting place for its richness in endemic fauna and flora. The reserve brings together Malagasy biodiversity over an area of 45 ha. It is home to a botanical trail, a bird sanctuary and an endemic turtle park. Traditional huts are also available to stay in the heart of the Reniala Natural Reserve.


As the southern winter approaches, humpback whales leave the high polar latitudes of Antarctica each summer, where they have spent the summer feeding, to the warm tropical waters, less favorable to their diet but breeding and the first weeks of the calf's life. Those arriving in the south of Madagascar are divided into two groups that will pass one to the east - to Sainte Marie Island and Antongil Bay - the other to the west Comoros.


For diving enthusiasts, we highly recommend a stopover at Salary Bay. One can find this site at north of Ifaty beach madagascar. It has large bays that offer impressive diving spots. The lagoon is delimited by three coral barriers, which allows to preserve crystalline waters to enjoy the coral bottom rich in fauna. Sport fishing enthusiasts can also indulge in their favorite activity during this South Madagascar Tour. Also, Salary Bay offers a savannah dominated by baobabs and thorny plants.


The Ifaty bay is for many travelers synonymous with idleness, beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees ... but also seaside resort of a certain size. The main ``tourist center`` of the village of Mangily consists of a few establishments where the bungalows are kings. The village also has good diving clubs and really charming little hotels where the word ``holidays`` can be used again. In addition, you can go whale watching in season!

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SOUTH – EAST SOUTH Route : 15 days – 14 nights<br /> Directions : Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Manakara – south east coast Channel of Pangalanes – Fianarantsoa – Tsaranoro – Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty – Antananarivo



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