South tour 2020 in group

The most of the South of Madagascar in a group tour 2020

Qué ver en Madagascar en 10 días ?

Price Detail : From 1690/person 

This 15-day South tour in group has a fixed departure and arrival, on July 11 to July 15, 2020. You can join us at anytime, during the tour if you are already in Madagascar and you can also continue by yourself, after the end of the tour, if your flight does not end exactly with these dates.

BAOBAB GROUP – South Route – 15 days  – July 11 to July 25, 2020

Directions: Antananarivo – Andasibe – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Manakara – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Ranohira – Tuléar –Ifaty – Antananarivo


Arrival at Ivato airport. Formalities for the visa. Guests are welcomed by our representative and transfer to hotel. Installation at the hotel.
Night and diner at the hotel 3 metis.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Andasibe. On the road, panoramic view of the east of the red island. Stop in Marozevo to visit the private reserve Peyreiras. Then visit the market and the city of Moramanga. Continuation to Andasibe National Park. Nocturnal visit in the national park of Andasibe.
Overnight at the hotel Sahatandra


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure early in the morning to visit the National Park Analamazaotra. It is the only national park where we can find the biggest lemur of Madagascar, the Indri indri. The park is also located in a wetland, so several floras and fauna found there are endemic to this region. In the afternoon, visit Vakona reserve. Opportunity to see other species of lemurs and other animals.
Overnight at the hotel Sahatandra.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure for Antsirabe. On the road, panoramic view of terraced rice fields and also the tombs of the high land of Madagascar. Continue to Behenjy for lunch. Arrival in Antsirabe at the end of the afternoon
Night and lodging at the hotel Les Chambres du voyageur.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Before departure to Ranomafana, visit Avenue Antsirabe in rickshaw. Stop in Ambositra, the capital of the Malagasy handicrafts and wood carving. Visit a few craft shops in the city of Ambositra. After continuation to the village of Ranomafana. On the road, admiration of the Betsileo ethnic group landscape with architecture and culture of the rice.
Overnight and diner at the hotel Centrest


Breakfast at the hotel.
In the morning, visit of the Ranomafana National Park. Ranomafana is a humid forest that is characterized by the presence of endemic flora and fauna of the island. For the flora, there are different types of orchids and ferns. Several faunas are found in this park as the different types of lemurs and chameleons. In the afternoon visit of village of Tanala for discovering Malagasy life on a village.
Overnight and diner at the hotel Centrest.


Breakfast at the hotel.
In the morning departure to Manakara.
Accommodation and dinner at the hotel H1.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to visit the Pangalanes Channel in a Malagasy canoe. Visit of the villages of fishermen, some endemic floras of the region plantation. Lunch based on seafood and products from the eastern part of Madagascar.
Accommodation and dinner at the hotel H1.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Return to the highlands. On the way, panoramic view of the tropical flora as the Ravinala (Traveler's Tree). Arrival at Fianarantsoa visit of the city, the old town is classified world patrimony of UNESCO.
Accommodation and dinner at the hotel Zomatel


Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Ambalavao to visit the Antemoro paper and silk manufacturing workshop. Then, visit of the reserve of Anja that belongs to the villagers of Iaritsena. Continue to Ranohira. via the town of the Bara, Ihosy ethnic group. We passed through the Ihorombe savanna.
Accommodation and diner at Motel de l`Isalo.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure by car to the National Park of Isalo. A day dedicated for visiting the fauna and flora of the park, and also the natural pool, the black and blue pool. The park is known for its Canyon also.
In the afternoon, sunset in the famous ``window of Isalo``.
Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to the southern part of Madagascar. View of the first south baobab. Admiring the arid landscape and tombs of the Mahafaly ethnic group. Stop in the national park Zombitse Vohibasia to admire the southern baobabs. Then, continue to the village of fishermen where the most beautiful beach in the south is located, Ifaty.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Day off
Overnight at hotel.

JULY 24: IFATY – TULEAR – ANTANANARIVO (domestic flight)

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Tuléar airport to take the flight to the capital. Arrival in Antananarivo, the clients are received by the representative of the agency.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit of the city of Antananarivo. Visit of the craft market, the largest market in the capital.
Transfer to Ivato airport to take the international flight. Boarding formalities.


- Bus with driver
- All the fuel all along the circuit
- Domestic flight
- Tourist taxes.
- Airport – hotel – airport transfer.
- Local guides in national parks and nature reserves.
- Entry fees into national parks and nature reserves mentioned in the circuit.
- Rooms with breakfast.
- English speaking guide
- Half board


- The visa
- Tips
- International flights and domestic flights
- Personal expenitures
- Drinks
- Lunch
- Airport taxes


Let yourself be captivated by the great Baobab tour of Madagascar. 15 days of travel passing through Andasibe park and following the famous RN7 passing from greenery to aridity. Unsuspected landscapes nestled in the heart of Madagascar: the National Parks of Ranomafana, Andringitra, Isalo and Zombitse. Not to mention relaxing along the beaches of Ifaty, and dives to discover the coral reef of the southwest.
This Baobab tour is a very diversified circuit. It makes you cross more than 950km since Antananarivo to Tulear to make you discover the different landscapes; rolling hills, the plains, the rice fields, the different ethnic groups and their cultures, the national parks and reserves (Ranomafana, Anja, Isalo and Zombitse), the majestic baobabs and the Mahafaly tombs…

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Here, you will have an idea of in what hotels you will stay

Whale watching sainte marie island or humpbackes whales st. marie island between june and september. Madagascar: “Big Island” of the Indian Ocean, “sanctuary of nature”, “island-continent”, “paradise unknown”, “cultural crossroads” … Tourist brochures incense this lost land off Africa , and yet so close, sometimes, of Asia. But Tanindrazana, the “land of ancestors” is not reduced to these shiny slogans or shimmering stereotypes. How to describe the fascinating color schemes, these shades of purple, vermilion, cobalt, ebony, opal, emerald and jade, so many lively watercolors that enchant the eye …? Madagasikara is more. Each trip is different, that’s why we come back constantly, as hungry for new beauties, as intoxicated with aromas even more powerful than the incense of mysterious forests. And, it is the ideal destination to approach the mythical humpback whales between mid-June and early October.

Whale watching Sainte Marie Madagascar : a magical moment to not be ignored

There is an urgency to discover this wonderful country, where everything is possible and unlikely. Let’s face it, it’s one of the poorest countries in the world. However, what smiles everywhere offered abroad, the vazaha that all children salute everywhere, that shared joy without restraint or false modesty! Madagascar gives itself and does not recover. Do not come and look for what you can not find: adventure is everywhere, every moment. This is the price of an unusual meeting, an appointment with the dead and our cousins ​​lemurs. Have your eyes open, your hand outstretched, your mind full of enchantment to share. Go free and without prejudices: these nourish ignorance and perpetuate exclusion. Happy as one who dreams of a long journey – for the days here are an eternity. A magic and haunting attraction: humpback whales crisscross the Malagasy coast from July to October. Sainte Marie island is today the most popular destination to observe these peaceful humpback whales st. marie island, but you should know that it is possible to admire them almost everywhere: in Tulear, Fort Dauphin, Nosy Be, Maroantsetra, Sambava …

Humpback whales  sainte marie : An impressive animal

The humpback whales sainte marie is between 14 and 17 m long (the largest specimen identified is 19 m tall) and weighs about 40 tons: a beautiful baby! It is found in all the seas of the world (even in southern Patagonia), and is the object, as in Sainte Marie island, of a little more “ecological” and tourist attention in recent years: it is the ” whale-watching “(whale watching). It is identified by its black color on the top, whitish on the underside, but one of its main characteristics is the tubers (small protuberances, in fact hair follicles) on his head. The undulations of the caudal fin, the scars and the black or white spots are specific to each individual.

The humpback whales surfaces regularly and then expels the air from its lungs.

The humpback wales are  forming a kind of “geyser” up to 3 m high while expelling the air from its lungs! This is when she shows her famous “hump”, in fact her back that is round before probing (that is to say to dive).

The sexual parades (jumps, vertical dressings, water strikes with the fins, dodges) take place during the winter (austral … The months of June to September are thus favorable times to observe them around Madagascar). At this moment, the males enter a wild competition for the sweet eyes of their beautiful. The game can last several hours, new contenders can replace the riders rejected by the lady: there were more than twenty males around a single female! It should be noted that these artistic manifestations have also been observed outside the reproduction period, which would mean that they also have a communication role.

Whale watching Sainte Marie Island : an extraordinary natural event in Madagascar

Let’s mention again the other famous feature of humpback whales: the song. They may start singing for several days. The melody, consisting of shades of low notes, is extremely complex, and coherent sound sequences are repeated. As humpback whales only sing in the mating season, it is assumed that this is a means of seduction.

Sainte Marie island, tropical paradise of Madagascar

Equidistant from Toamasina and Antongil Bay, Sainte Marie (160 km2 for about 22 000 inhabitants) is a tropical oasis that captivates. With its beautiful beaches and indolent atmosphere reminiscent of earthly paradise, most travelers are seduced and come back delighted. We, too, have greatly appreciated the kindness of the inhabitants, their sweetness of life, and the rugged beauty of its coasts (north and east especially, or on the island with mats). However, if the island counts a good number of hotels and service providers, the tourism remains here very measured.