What to discover in the Anja Community Reserve?

What to discover in the Anja Community Reserve?

The southern region of Madagascar is the most popular circuit for travelers visiting the Big Island. Discover Madagascar in this region, where you can explore lesser-known but equally captivating tourist sites, such as the Ranomafana National Park and the Isalo National Park. One hidden gem worth exploring is the Anja Community Reserve, a protected area managed by the local population. Located near Ambalavao in the Haute Matsiatra region, the Anja Community Reserve is a must-visit destination, especially to encounter the famous Lemur Catta, also known as the Ring-tailed Lemur. The site also impresses with its picturesque landscape. With Tsiky Tours operator, immerse yourself in an exceptional experience during your exploration of this captivating region of Madagascar.

Where is the Anja Community Reserve located?

Explore Madagascar’s hidden gems along the RN7 in the Haute Mahatsiatra region, just 13 km south of Ambalavao. Anja Community Reserve, nestled beneath the magnificent “Telo Mirahavavy” rock domes, offers a unique experience, combining Lemur Catta sightings and breathtaking landscapes.

What makes the Anja Community Reserve unique?

Established in 1999, the Anja Village Reserve covers a modest area of 30 hectares below three granite domes locally known as “Telo Mirahavavy,” translating to Three Sisters. As its name suggests, discover Madagascar at Anja Community Reserve, a natural reserve created and managed by a local village community. It is a community initiative aimed at preserving their environment and this unique ecosystem. The villagers recognize the heritage value and biodiversity richness of the region. The forest and the Iandrambaky massif represent an interesting tourist attraction. Several villagers participate in the Anja Community Reserve as administrators, guides, and trackers. This community involvement contributes to the preservation of this natural site and supports the local economy. All villagers benefit from visitor traffic in the park and the generated income, showcasing a remarkable example of responsible, sustainable, and community-oriented tourism in Madagascar.

What circuits are offered in the Anja Village Reserve?

Hiking stands as the exclusive means to uncover the wonders of the Anja Village Reserve. The site boasts diverse circuits, varying from 30 minutes to several hours, including the Ambodirano, Ambalabe, Ankaramahafanina, Ambatolahimitsanga, and Amboalady circuits. Scaling these three rocky peaks and journeying through the arid forest are integral parts of the suggested itineraries. Irrespective of the chosen circuit, visitors are presented with the opportunity to discover Madagascar’s iconic Lemur Catta in abundance, enriching their exploration of this captivating natural reserve.

How do I explore the Anja Village Reserve?

Two wonderful itineraries are offered to visitors to discover Madagascar and explore the Anja Village Reserve in all its splendor. The first itinerary, called the “small loop,” is a short two-hour walk at the base of the mountains. Visitors can admire the beautiful landscapes as well as the unique flora and fauna of the region. The route is less technical, making it suitable for families. The second itinerary offers a more in-depth visit to the reserve. It is a trekking route reserved for hiking enthusiasts, taking six hours to complete the loop. However, they can bring tents and spend the night in the park.

Where can I find lemurs in the Anja Village Reserve?

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In the Anja Village Reserve, lemurs are everywhere! The lemurs in the reserve are numerous and not very shy, perhaps due to their accustomedness to visits and the proximity of their natural habitat to the village of Anja. In the Anja Community Reserve, the most represented species is the Lemur Catta or Maki, recognizable by its ringed tail.

Where do I stay in the Anja Community Reserve?

The Anja Community Reserve is only 12 km from Ambalavao. It is common for tourists to stay in hotels in Ambalavao and depart early in the morning to reach the natural park. For dining, there are small eateries just before the main entrance to the Anja Reserve. The menu and service may not match the usual restaurants at different tourist sites in Madagascar, but the place is accustomed to receiving tourists, adding a touch of adventure to the visit to the Anja Community Reserve itself.

What to discover near the Anja Community Reserve?

The tourist attraction near the Anja Community Reserve is the town of Ambalavao. It is a peaceful and charming town nestled between the mountains of the Andringitra massif. Ambalavao is known for its zebu market and traditional houses with verandas and tiled roofs. It is also a hub for Malagasy craftsmanship, including artisans producing Antaimoro paper, a decorative product made from the bark of Avoha. A significant portion of the production is intended for export. Ambalavao also hosts other artisanal businesses, including wild silk fabrics and embroidery.

What to do in the Tsararano Valley?

Hiking and climbing enthusiasts can take advantage of a stop at the Anja Reserve to discover Madagascar and explore the Tsararano Valley, 57 km from Ambalavao. This site is renowned for its hiking trails, massive cliffs, and picturesque landscape. Tsaranoro Valley is among the most visited sites by foreign tourists. Hikers can climb “Chameleon Peak” with its 600m elevation gain. The Tsaranoro cliff is a highly sought-after spot for climbers and paragliding enthusiasts. Below the cliff is the sacred forest of Tsaranoro, where visitors can encounter several Lemur Catta individuals.

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