Ifaty, Sainte Marie, Nosy Be: Among the best beaches in Madagascar

Ifaty, Sainte Marie, Nosy Be: Among the best beaches in Madagascar

Dream and Adventure Destination, Madagascar is renowned for its dream beaches that attract tourists from around the world every season. On the road to the South of the Big Island, 20 km north of Tulear, Ifaty reveals itself as a superb seaside resort on the edge of the Mozambique Channel. With its coral reef and incomparable lagoon beauty, this ecological marvel, with its multicolored corals, presents itself as an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. With its turquoise and translucent waters, the wonderful white sandy beaches of this colorful village are bordered by coconut trees and pirogues, giving it a spectacular landscape.

Off the east coast of the Green Island, 35 km from Soanierana-Ivongo, the island of Sainte-Marie is a true paradise. Off the coast, with the help of a Madagascar tour operator or not, numerous beaches anchored in an authentic and natural setting allow for diving sessions and kayak rides. With its diving sites teeming with a spectacular marine fauna including dolphins, colorful fish, sea eagles, or barracudas, this island with beautiful beaches and wonderful translucent turquoise water is a must-visit destination for dream beach enthusiasts.

Always astonishing with its magnificent white sandy beaches and dreamlike crystal-clear waters, the island of Nosy Be, also called “the island of scents,” has everything to seduce visitors eager for discoveries and distractions. Among the most visited beaches of the island, Ambatoloaka, Orangea, Andilana, Ambondrona, and Madirokely have preserved their authenticity and offer divers an impressive exploration site for the richness of its underwater depths.

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