Tourism must be among the spearheads of development in Madagascar

Tourism must be among the spearheads of development in Madagascar

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Tourism is essential for the development of a developing country such as Madagascar. We have several travel agencies that make a significant contribution to the development of this sector. One of the best tour operator Madagascar  is one of these agencies working in the field of tourism and offers itineraries throughout Madagascar. This travel agency Madagascar keeps convinced of the major asset of tourism to increase the economy of the Big Island. Madagascar belongs among those countries with high potential for fauna and flora, unfortunately neglected. Find the best Madagascar tour and book today ! This travel agency Madagascar, through its actions, promotes responsible and sustainable tourism. Since its opening, it seeks all means to promote the tourism sector of the country, through communications both inside and outside Madagascar. Recently, it took part in the biggest tourism trade show, the “Top Resa Tourism Fair IFTM” from 25 to 28 September 2018, held in Paris, La Rochelle in October and Colmar in November 2018.

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Despite all the efforts made, the tourism sector is facing major problems. The upsurge of insecurity is one of the obstacles hindering the arrival of tourists in Madagascar.

“Tourism is part of the spearhead for the development of Madagascar. The new government will have to take this great opportunity into account. Unfortunately, this sector can not develop properly because of the insecurity that continues to spread throughout the Big Island. The lack of adequate infrastructure to welcome tourists is blatant. We, the travel agency, will not succeed in developing this sector without the support of the government. Book the best Madagascar tour and make your booking today . I appeal to the new government to facilitate the tasks of actors in this area to encourage the arrival of tourists in Madagascar, “says Clement Kolo, managing director of a tour operator Madagascar. As a result, the collaboration between the actors and the government in place remains paramount in the resolution of the difficulties that undermine the tourism sector in Madagascar.


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Especially since the stakeholders are convinced and ready to join hands for the development of this sector. “We are convinced that with a tourism policy that reassures players, investors and tourists, this sector will make a significant contribution to the country’s economic growth. On our side, we are ready for any consultation with a view to enhancing this sector in Madagascar, “said the managing director of this tour operator Madagascar. Book Madagascar tour with the best Tour operator Madagascar. Contact Tsiky Tour today !

The ball is now in the new government’s camp for the future of the tourism sector in Madagascar.

Madagascar has abundant resources as far as tourist spots or destinations are concerned. Its extraordinary biodiversity is amazing. 

The main tourist places of Madagascar, to visit:
– The Tsingy of Madagascar
Sites and monuments classified:

Madagascar has 146 classified sites and monuments of which only 27 have been restored to date.
Some are now part of the world heritage, like:
– The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga,
– The Tsingy of Bemaraha,
– The Cliffs and Caves of Isandra or,
– The Mahafaly Outback.

The main sites to visit:
– The Palace of Queen Ranavalona
– The Trays of the rova,
– Memorial Temples,
– Antsahadinta Hill,
– Tsinjoarivo Falls,
– Tsiafajavona Mountain,
– The remains of Jean Laborde in Mantasoa,
– The Primitive Vegetation of Ibity near Antsirabe,

– Lake Itasy.

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Alley of Baobabs

 – Analamera,

– Sugarloaf,
– The Amber Mountain,
– The Orangea Caves,
– The Ankarana Caves,
– The Sacred Lake of Antanavo,
– The Royal Palace of Ankify,
– The Mahavavy Falls

– The old Town,
– The royal tomb of Vohitsisaky,
– The Ifandana Massif,
– The forests of Faliarivo and Ambohitsara,
– The Sakaleona Waterfall,
– The Namorona Falls.

The famous “more than centenary” Baobab from Majunga
– The baobab “emblem of the city”,
– The Andranoboka Caves,
– The Sacred Lake of Ampijoroa,
– The Sakalava Cemetery of Nosy Lava,
– silicified trees of Ankondromena,
– The burials of Bekopaka,
– The Gorges du Manambolo.

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– The Cascades of Mangoro,
– Lake Alaotra,
– The historical memories of Farafaty, Foulpointe, Sainte Marie and Nosy Mangabe,
– The sacred eel pond from Savaiza to Vatomandry,
– The natural bridge of Manandra.

– The site of Saint Augustine,

– Nosy Be,
– The Ambolisaotra fossil deposit,
– The Sarodrano Caves,
– The Alley of Baobabs,
– The palms of Malio,
– The Bay of Sainte Luce,
– The Pic Saint Louis,
– The cliffs of Cap Sainte Marie.

best tour operator madagascarHere is a list of places to visit and activities to do with the best tour operator madagascar Tsiky Tour :

1. To contemplate the “baobab alley” on the Belo-sur-Tsiribihina track (located north of Morondava):
The Baobab Alley is also the gateway to the Protected Areas located north of Morondava and lying on the Belo sur Tsiribihina trail. Bookr your trip today with the best tour operator madagascar

You will also visit:
– The Andranomena Special Reserve and the Menabe Antimena Protected Area where the Kirindy camp, the Bedo lake and other ecotourism sites are located.

2. Diving in the depths of the Indian Ocean of Nosy Bé – Call Tsiky Tour today  : the best tour operator madagascar for unbelievable madagascar tour. 

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