Tsiribihina & Tsingy tour

This Madagascar vacation packages will make you discover the best part of the West of Madagascar

tsingy tour tsingy of bemaraha tour

Price Detail : From $1500 / Person  

The final price of this Madagascar vacation packages will vary according to the desired customization. However, kindly let us know your budget and the plan you have in mind, we will come up with the final price that fits your needs.

Itinerary for this 15 days Madagascar vacation packages

Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Morondava – Bekopaka – Morondava – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ranohira – Isalo – Toliary – Ifaty.


Arrival at Ivato. Steps for the visa. Guests are welcomed by our representative and transfer to hotel. Installation at the hotel.
Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Antsirabe. On the road, panoramic view of the rice fields in steps and the tombs of the Highlands of Madagascar. Stop in Ambatolampy, to visit manufacturing aluminum pots. In the afternoon arrival in Antsirabe. Visit the City of Waters and some Malagasy craft workshops.
Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel
Departure to Morondava. Panoramic view of the vegetable crops and rice fields of the region with the scene of the daily life of the farmers in the highlands. Visit of the first baobab and the typical landscape with rice fields of the west region. Arrival to Morondava, visit of the city and the beach.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Early departure towards Bekopaka, an unpaved road. Transfers to the ferry on Belo sur Tsiribihina. Then continue to Bekopaka. At the end of the afternoon, arrival at the hotel
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Day to visit the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park: this park is classified among the patrimonies of the UNESCO, World Heritage of Humanity. In the morning, we make a minimum 4 hour visit to see the great Tsingy. And in the afternoon, a visit of 1-1h30 to visit the small Tsingy.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure early in the morning to return to Belo sur Tsiribihina. Then transfer by ferry to Tsimafana. Then, road back to Morondava. Visit of the famous baobab avenue and the baobab in love. Arrival at Morondava at the end of the afternoon.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
The road lead us again to the highlands of Madagascar. Arrival in Antsirabe at the end of the afternoon.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Before leaving for Ambositra, visit of the Avenue of Antsirabe. Ambositra is the capital of Malagasy crafts and wood carving. Visit of some craft shops in the city of Ambositra. Then continue to Ranomafana. On the road, admiration of the Betsileo ethnic group landscape with its particular architecture and rice culture.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit of the Ranomafana National Park. Ranomafana is a humid forest that is characterized by the presence of fauna and flora endemic to the island. There are different types of flowers such as orchids and ferns. There are several faunas in this park such as the different varieties of lemurs and chameleons. The visit lasts approximately four hours. In the afternoon, transfer to the capital of the Betsileo ethnic group, Fianarantsoa. Visit of the city and its historical monuments. We note that the ancient city of Fianarantsoa is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Ambalavao to visit the workshop paper making Antemoro and silk. Then visit the private reserve Anja in Iaritsena for admiring the famous lemur catta. Then continuation to Ranohira through Ihosy the town of Bara ethnic. Arrival at the end of the afternoon in Ranohira.
Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Leaving the hotel for a visit of the National Park of Isalo. One day dedicated to visit and to admire the fauna and flora in the park with natural swimming pool, black and blue pool. The park is known for its diverse landscapes, and the Grand Canyon. Late in the afternoon, sunset in the famous ``window of Isalo``.
Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to the southern of Madagascar. View of the first south baobab. Admiring the arid landscape and tombs of the Mahafaly ethnic group. Stop in the national park Zombitse Vohibasia to see the southern baobabs. Then, continue to the fishermen's village where the most beautiful beach in the south is, Ifaty.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Day off
Accommodation at the hotel.

DAY 14: IFATY - TULEAR - ANTANANARIVO (Domestic flight)

Breakfast at the hotel
Transfer to the airport of Tulear to take the flight TULEAR - ANTANANARIVO.
Accommodation at the hotel.

DAY 15: ANTANANARIVO - Flight back

Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit of Antananarivo. Last purchase in the craft market. Transfer to the hotel.
Transfer to the Ivato airport to take the international flight. Boarding formalities


– 4×4 car (2-3pax) with French or English speaking driver
– Minivan (4-6pax) – bus (from 7pax) with driver
– 4×4 on days 4-5-6 from 4 pax
– All the fuel all along the circuit
– Tourist taxes.
– Airport – hotel – airport transfer.
– Local guides in national parks and nature reserves.
– Entry fee into national parks and nature reserves mentioned in the circuit.
– Rooms with breakfast
– Half board from 4 people
-Transfer in Belo sur Tsiribihina


– The visa.
– Tips
– International and the national flights.
– Personal spending.
– Drinks.
– Lunch and / or dinner
– Tax rates at the airport


The coastal track, the environment becomes more African, semi-arid, made of baobabs, thorny and various plants all as strange as the others.
The mysterious west … The kindness and the warm welcome of a whole people, the infinite beauty of the innumerable landscapes and still virgin spaces illuminated by a soft mix of unknown colors and lights: Tsingy de Bemaraha and Alley of Baobabs …
This Madagascar vacation packages will undoubtedly please to mountaineers and trekkers. The site which is about 3 hours walk from the village of Bekopaka stands out especially by its ecosystem. Extending over a vast area of ​​72,340 hectares, it is a veritable labyrinth of limestone, the fruit of millions of years of natural erosion. So, enjoy your hike to rub gidro and sifaka. As for flora, the Tsingy are a real Eldorado for botanists with its 650 species of rare plants.

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SOUTH – EAST SOUTH Route : 15 days – 14 nights<br /> Directions : Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Manakara – south east coast Channel of Pangalanes – Fianarantsoa – Tsaranoro – Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty – Antananarivo



SOUTH ROUTE PASSING THROUGH THE TSINGY – 15 days – 14 nights - Directions: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Morondava – Bekopaka – Morondava – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ranohira – Isalo – Toliary – Ifaty.



SOUTH- EAST- SAINTE MARIE Route – 18 days – 17 nights - Directions: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana –Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Ranohira – Tuléar –Ifaty – Antananarivo – Andasibe –Tamatave- Mahambo – Sainte Marie – Antananarivo


Madagascar vacation packages : South and South West of Madagascar in 15 days

The south of Madagascar is full of natural wealth and important biodiversity that deserve to be discovered during a trip south of Madagascar. Indeed, this region has many tourist attractions that make Madagascar famous internationally. Several destinations are unavoidable during the adventure in the south not to mention the Ranomafana Park, the Pangalanes Canal, the Isalo Park or the seaside resort of Ifaty.

What is special about the city of Antsirabe?

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When taking the RN7 to discover the wonders of the south, Antsirabe is the first step city of the trip 170 km south of Antananarivo. It is a city with a relaxing landscape, the destination is recognized since the time of colonization. The French have turned the city into a hotspot. The southern journey of Madagascar gives a change of scenery in an authentic setting surrounded by volcanic landscape and many lake areas. Antsirabe is in a mountainous area with many trekking routes. Travelers have the opportunity to go on an excursion to the main lakes of the region, such as Tritriva, Andraikiba and Andranomafana during this Madagascar vacation packages. These lakes have their history and it’s always a pleasure to discover them. There are many thermal springs in Antsirabe. Many people make the trip to relish its baths with many therapeutic virtues. The walk in the city is a tourist attraction in its own right.

What to discover in Ambositra?

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After Antsirabe, the city of Ambositra opens its portals to introduce travelers to the cultural wealth of the region. Located 260 km south of Antananarivo, Ambositra is known for its handicrafts. Zafimaniry art is classified world cultural heritage of UNESCO. The sculptures can be found in several shops and in the city markets, but visiting the Zafimaniry villages is a must-to-see during this Madagascar vacation packages. Allowing you to immerse yourself in the daily life of this ethnic group, which has always had a solid experience in wood carving. The city of Ambositra is also for its population that has preserved its cultures and traditions despite the modernity. “Savika” and “famadihana” are two traditions that provide a show for visitors.

What does the detour to Ranomafana park mean for us?

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When descending to the south, a detour to Ranomafana is essential to discover the biodiversity of the Ranomafana National Park. We reach the village of Ranomafana from the RN25 which connects Vohiparara to Mananjary. The park is crammed into the Namorona Valley on an area of ​​nearly 41,600 hectares. The place offers a verdant landscape marked by the presence of a rainforest typical of the Southeast Wetland. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is home to various species of flora and fauna. Several terrestrial and aquatic animals coexist in this forest adorned with rivers, waterfalls and picturesque waterfalls: 115 species of birds, 90 species of butterflies, 74 species of insects, 12 species of lemurs, 7 species of lemurs, 58 species of reptiles, 13 species of rodents … Relaxing in the thermal pool is also a popular activity in Ranomafana.

What is the point of attraction of Manakara?

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Continuing the RN25, we arrive at Manakara after taking the RN12 at Irondro. Manakara is a very peaceful coastal town. The landscape is marked by the remains of the colonial era. Manakara is divided into two districts: Manakara and Manakarabe. The walk through the city is rewarding, many sights are to discover. The picturesque landscape is simply picturesque. The green space is everywhere, even at the edge of the beaches. The visit allows to discover the daily life of the local population. Local activity is focused around fishing and cash crops. There are clove, lychee and coffee plantations. Discovery enthusiasts can discover the Pangalanes Canal by pirogue.

What can we discover on the Pangalanes Canal?

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The construction of the Pangalanes canal dates from the French colonization. This waterway connects lakes, lagoons and rivers along the coast to make it navigable. About 700 km long, the canal formerly linking Foulpointe to the north and Farafangana to the south to carry goods and transport French soldiers. The locals always use the canal to transport the goods and take the tourists on a walk to discover the particularity of the villages on the banks of the canal. But the northern edge of the canal is no longer navigable. The banks of the canal are dotted with lush vegetation a must-to-see during this Madagascar vacation packages. The hospitality of the locals increases the tourist appeal of the Pangalanes canal. Each village has its history, marked by the passage of Asians and Arabs on the

What is the reputation of Fianarantsoa?

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Along the RN7, the Betsileo landscape offers an impressive sight. The control of irrigated rice growing on the terrace. The terracing of the rice terraces on both sides of the road gives a unique landscape. Arrival in Fianarantsoa, ​​the scenery changes with the viticulture that dominates the landscape to Ambalavao. The city belongs to those several small art workshops: basketry, wood carving, silk weaving, antemoro paper making, etc. But people know the city of Fianarantsoa for its blend of tradition and modernity. The habits and customs remain well preserved. The architecture of the old houses of the upper town reflects the tradition. 260 km separates the capital from Fianarantsoa. Queen Ranavalona created this city in 1830. This city hosted a garrison during the nineteenth century, too.

What activities are offered in Tsaranoro?

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At a few kilometers south of Fianarantsoa, ​​in the municipality of Vohitsoaka, you can meet the Tsaranoro village. Hikers for trekking and paragliding know very well this place – an amazing place to visit during this Madagascar vacation packages. The cliff of Tsaranoro then gave its name to the valley. Climbing enthusiasts go to Tsararano specifically to indulge in their favorite sport. Note that fans of these extreme disciplines around the world recognize these climbing and paragliding spots. Tsararano is a tourist site of Andringitra where one must go for the ascent of Boby Peak. The Tsararano Valley, straddling the Betsileo and Bara ethnic groups, belongs also to authentic villages where culture and tradition remain well preserved.

What can we do during a stopover in Ranohira?

Ranohira is the last stop of this circuit before reaching the city at the end of the RN7: the city of Tuléar. Ranohira is a small town located 683 km from Antananarivo and 269 km from Fianarantsoa. It is the crossroads of the southern trip of Madagascar to join the Isalo park. Ranohira is the entrance to the Isalo National Park, a Jurassic Jurassic sandstone massif covering an area of ​​81,540 ha. Rain erosion formed deep canyons and also bristled with peaks : an amazing place to visit during this Madagascar vacation packages. This Malagasy Colorado is managed by ANGAP since 1997 considering its unique landscape and its flora and fauna, the vast majority of which are endemic. The plant formation is composed of 400 species of flora endemic to the region. As for the fauna, one can discover 77 species avifaunes, 39 reptiles and 14 species of primates.

What is so special about the city of Tuléar?

A distance of 243 km separates Ranohira de Tulear. This coastal town is at the end of the RN7, about 1,000 km from Antananarivo. Tulear is a pleasant city to live in everyday life, the sun accompanied by dry wind is present throughout the year hence its nickname “the city of the sun”. The city of Tuléar was created in 1895 following the French architecture of the time, a grid with large rectilinear avenues. The city has several tourist attractions including Antsokay Arboretum, Anakao Village, Bezaha Ancient Hot Spring, Tsimanampetsotsa Nature Reserve, Ihotry Lake, Ampanihy Tapestry Shops and nightlife of the city. The village of Sarodrano / St. Augustine is also a must-see destination in Tulear for its picturesque landscape and beautiful beaches. This ancient haunt of pirates has become over time a fishing village Vezo. Tulear is recognized among others for its festive atmosphere under the tropical rhythm as well as its spots of diving, snorkeling and surfing.


What can we do at Ifaty?

The seaside resort of Ifaty is a must-see destination during a trip south of Madagascar. It is a favorite place to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while basking on the beaches. Ifaty is favorable to lazing around and swimming in this turquoise water. Diving and skating are also key activities in Ifaty to admire the seabed around the coral reef and the aquatic fauna. For lovers of walking, the region of Ifaty is home to several fishing villages. It is always a good time to discover the daily life of the locals. They always reserve a warm welcome so that travelers can spend a pleasant stay in a friendly and sometimes festive atmosphere.

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