Explore Madagascar hollidays Madagascar tour

Explore Madagascar hollidays Madagascar tour

Thousand And One Reasons To visit Madagascar

Either you want to visit Madagascar, have holidays in Madagascar : here you find the thousand and one reasons to discover Madagascar.

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Madagascar shares its 5,000 km coastline between its seaside resorts. The canyons of Isalo amazes. The Makay massif is virgin. The Baobab Alley belongs as far as the emblem of the country. The tsingy of Bemaraha homes to a particular fauna. If you visit Madagascar, the best time to go here is from April to November.

Below you find the best reasons to explore Madagascar.

1 – Madagascar :  Island in the Indian Ocean that leaves travelers speechless

Island of contrasts Madagascar represents a unique holiday resort. With the beauty of its landscape, this island in the Indian Ocean leaves travelers speechless

2 – Some say that Madagascar is a paradise island.
The hotels are located directly on the beautiful Ifaty beach.
Ifaty, a small fishing village an hour north of Toliara, is a prime tourist destination. As in many parts of Madagascar, seaside tourism and ecotourism are the main centers of interest. Take your time to breathe for a moment and be enchanted by the torpor of the place after the adventure along the RN7.

3 – Madagascar is a lost hole : Visit the Red Tsingy

An exceptional site to visit, just over an hour from Antsiranana or Diego Suarez. The erosion of Tsingy is simply fabulous, one never tires of its landscapes. To get there, it is not very complicated, rent a 4×4 and the adventure can begin. Marvel of the eyes, the colors are magical, … sumptuous. An impressive shades of red! We are surprised by the size and depth of the circuses, the purity and the whiteness of the concretions of the sand rocks. In three words …. To visit absolutely !!! It’s unique in the world.

Things you can see – places you can visit Madagascar

Tsingy of Bemaraha Madgascar Tsiky Tour

The great Tsingy de Bemaraha of Madagascar in the Tsingy de Bemaraha Integral Nature Reserve of UNESCO

4 – There is nothing to see there ?

The Tsingy de Bemaraha integral nature reserve belongs to western region of Madagascar. In north of Tsingy National Park in Bemaraha. The reserve covers an area of ​​157,710 ha.  In addition, at an altitude of 150 and 700 m. A karstic landscape and a highly jagged limestone massif form a “tsingy” or “forest” of limestone spurs. A unique landscape in the world that will make you want to visit Madagascar. The reserve has other karstic events such as the gorge of the Manambolo River (300 to 400 m deep). The Bemaraha Reserve also presents a contrasting landscape with hilly terrain. It has high peaks where primary forests, lakes and mangroves serve as habitat for various species of rare birds and lemurs. Dear friends, where there is apparently nothing to see, there is everything to discover.

5 – The Massif of Isalo: Place to the spectacle of the nature

The massif of Isalo, one of the strangeness of Madagascar, pictures the most visited tourist site of Madagascar. In the middle of these canyons, human constructions are in this world so preserved.
The eyes appreciate the eloquent ruiniform relief. The ears hear the wind sing and perceive at the same time the sound of … silence. The touch of the traveler confirms indeed the presence of massif of Isalo. On the premises, his taste buds will enjoy the culinary specialties of the region and his sense of smell will have the happiness of smelling the aroma of tasty dishes concocted to his honor.
Madagascar, the Red Island, with its 7 wonders, is well worth the vist to Madagascar.

Still need more to visit Madagascar ?

6 – The Makay massif is one of the last unexplored areas of the planet
The Makay massif, southeast of Madagascar is a region still unknown to man. Yet it is home to countless species of endemic plants and animals. You will enjoy it to your heart to identify the species that populate it during your next visit. Do not miss it when you visit Madagascar, you will fall in love with Makay Massif.

Massif du makay - visit madagascar with tsiky tour madagascar

The Makay massif, southeast of Madagascar is a region still unknown to man. Yet it is home to countless species of endemic plants and animals. You will enjoy it to your heart to identify the species that populate it during your next visit.

Hundreds of species are to be discovered in these mountains whose local populations are kept at bay for fear of the spirits that haunt them. Crocodiles, lemurs, fish, insects … In total, there are over 2,000 species of plants and animals that have been recorded in the Makay massif, including ten species of lemurs, two endemic species of fish from Madagascar. . A gold mine kept well hidden by nature, just like the 500 rock paintings that are a real discovery for archaeologists in this region.

Visit Madagascar and its famous Baobab Alley

7 – There is really nothing to see there.
At dusk as at sunset, the Baobab Alley offers a grand spectacle to visitors embarking on a guided tour in the south of the Big Island. Alley Baobabs unfolds majestically to about twenty kilometers from Morondava. Many times photographed, this emblem of the Big Island is wonderful.

At sunrise and at sunset, visitors linger on the edge of the site to delight in the spectacle offered by the trees-bottles that line the driveway. With the horizon as a backdrop, the curve of each baobab is drawn furtively on the amber sky. Visit Madagascar with us, see our tours

8 – Nothing but beaches as far as the eye can see.

Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches.
Indeed, it has 5,000 km of coast which shelters a great number of picturesque sites. In the northern part, the region of Nosy-Be is a must place to start your visit Madagascar. Beaches like Ambatoloaka and its festive atmosphere permanently, or Andilana and its extraordinary beauty, Madirokely, Ambondrona or finally Orangea. In Nosy Be. The perfume island is home to beautiful white sand beaches that still retain their authenticities under the tropical sun.

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In the town of Diégo-Suarez, Ramena beach is a must with its emerald-colored sea and fine sand.
In the west of the country, the beach of Antsanitia in Majunga is often compared to a paradise on earth. However, do not neglect the Kimony beach in the city of Morondava, with white sand and a very clear blue sea if you visit Madagascar. Explore Madagascar with Tsiky Tour Madagascar. See our tours today
In the east of Madagascar, the beach of Foulpointe is a sensation, with a very calm water because of a natural coral reef. On the other hand, those who want to face some good waves on surf can turn to the beach of Mahambo, a few kilometers from Foulpointe.

The southern part of the island is not in rest. Indeed, Ifaty of the city of Tulear is among the most visited. To visit Madagascar, on the side of Fort-Dauphin, do not miss the beach of Libanona with its well-packed sand and calm and clean water. Madagascar is full of beautiful beaches that can make you forget the worries of life, enjoying pleasant moments of relaxation. Most of them are accessible by road, but it is better to access by air for some cities like Nosy-Be or Fort-Dauphin, because of the difficulty of the terrestrial ways.

9 – There are plenty of ugly and weird critters.

Madagascar is home to endemic flora and fauna. This is the main reason why British tourists come to Madagascar. If you visit Madagascar, you will find exceptional wildlife.
Lemurs are unquestionably the most famous animals of Madagascar. They are considered the ancestors of monkeys, more exactly like distant cousins. The lemur family comprises 36 species, the vast majority of which are found only on the Red Island. Take Madagascar Tour with Tsiky Tour Madagascar
There are more than 210 species of lizards in Madagascar. Among the best known are chameleons, geckos, skinks, and iguanas. Strangely enough, agamids and varans, though widespread in Africa and Asia, do not live on the island.

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10 – His traditional cake has a weird shape

During your visit Madagascar, you won’t stop discovering new things. Among these, the Malagasy koba, this traditional cake of cylindrical shape measuring about 50 cm. Today, it is sold by the meter or centimeter on the stalls in the capital, Antananarivo. Find Madagascar Tour with Tsiky Tour Operator

visit madagascar with tsiky tour madagascar

First, this high caloric preparation requires a large amount of peanuts. The crushed peanuts are wrapped in rice flour. Then, the amount of rice flour may be slightly less than that of peanuts or half. Now, you take the same amount of sugar as rice flour. In addition, to cover the cake, you need many banana leaves.. Then, all covered with banana leaves and tied with plant fibers. At last, you take the preparation into a very big pot. Regular craftsmen spend less than one hour for preparation and three days for cooking. To taste in slices, in snack, with tea! You may want to see a video of how to make this cake HERE

To visit Madagascar, you need to know that Turkish Airlines offers a line between Istanbul and Antananarivo. Also, Kenya Airways offer flights from Johhanesbourg to Nos–Be Madagascat, too. Often, most European Countries as France offer regular flights to Antananarivo.

Last but not least, take April to November as the best time to come to explore Madagascar.

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