A tourist season that promises already

A tourist season that promises already

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Tourism in Nosy Be is going through a period of prosperity. Unheard of for several years, especially before the crisis of 2009, the filling rate of hotels reaches 95% currently and until December. Until July, this body recorded more than 70% increase compared to the same period of last year. “We hope to have more reservations, because tourists arrive especially in August and September,” says the manager. Ready to Rent private plane Madagascar ? Call Tsiky Tour today.

The opening of the sky and the airport of Nosy Be to the other foreign companies. This in particular Ethiopian Airlines, and the numerous communications made in recent years by the Office for the promotion. National and international level, of the destination are largely part of the prosperity of tourism in this city. But it also turns out that the cultural event as Somaroho that coincided with the 15th anniversary of the artist from the city and very popular, Wawa, also organizer of this festival, is for many. Rent private plane Madagascar today with Tsiky Tour and Book your luxury tour Madagascar.

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Indeed, the festival Somaroho marks the beginning of the arrival in large numbers of tourists especially national in the city of Nosy Be. They jostle each other at the gate and carriers, because most of them choose the land and sea route to get there, are struggling to meet this strong demand. Ditto for tourist infrastructure where the difficulties to find accommodation in this city for a few days.

The Tourism Office of Nosy Be emphasizes that its communication was based, among other things, on the accessibility of the destination on all exchanges. A long-term awareness campaign that is currently paying off, as many of the national tourists who come here, who then transmit word of mouth this accessibility of the destination, but also the beauty of the island Perfumes that not only seaside tourism but also environmental. Go for a luxury tour Madagascar with Tsiky Tour.

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In spite of this new start of tourism in this flagship destination on the Big Island, the Nosy Be Tourist Office stresses that it continues to promote the island of perfumes, not only at the national and international through, among others, events such as the International Tourism Fair (ITM) or the development of foreign partnerships, with among others, a major Romanian production company, Eccho Line, which currently produces a reality show, entitled “Nomad To broadcast on Romanian channels.

Since Saturday, August 4, a team of 150 people including a hundred competitors, mostly Romanians, participate in the filming of this show, which in content, brings together about Kholanta of TF1, except that the goal is also to discover the beauty of the tourist sites, the beautiful beaches and all the assets of the city, to make a beautiful promotion to Romanians.

“Other projects to further promote tourism and destination are also in talks with other partners,” says the head of tourism in the city of Nosy Be.

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