Faune et flore de Madagascar: Une biodiversité riche et endémique

Faune et flore de Madagascar: Une biodiversité riche et endémique

Considered a perpetual source of astonishment and wonder, the fauna and flora of Madagascar are of the most incredible diversity and richness. A true nature sanctuary, this island is full of plant and animal species unique in the world.

According to naturalists, there are between 12,000 and 14,000 plant species in Madagascar, including a thousand varieties of orchids. Offering explosions of shapes, colors and scents, the flowers and plants recorded on the big island are characterized by their originality and diversity, which means that a Madagascar trip always remains exceptional. Apart from orchids, among the plants typical of the Red Island are ravinala or traveler’s tree, nepenthes, raffia, vetiver, vanilla, palm trees, baobabs;. Apart from their biological importance, most plants from Madagascar are used for many services, including woodwork, medicine, cosmetics, ornamentation, housing and many others.

Just like its flora, Madagascar’s fauna is also very rich and is estimated at more than 100,000 species of invertebrates, nearly 300 species of birds, as well as numerous varieties of bacteria, butterflies, and reptiles. This island in the Indian Ocean stands out for having a very high rate of endemism in its fauna, making it a true biodiversity hotspot. Among the emblematic animals of the Big Island, lemurs and chameleons currently benefit from very careful protection, in the same way as turtles. Furthermore, Madagascar is also famous for its Zebus, the number of which is almost equal to that of the inhabitants. For a successful discovery of all of these riches, nothing beats the service of a Madagascar tour operator with extensive experience.

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