Coronavirus : The safest destinations in 2020

Coronavirus : The safest destinations in 2020

Is it safe to travel to Madagascar ? What is the situation in Madagascar about Coronavirus ?

While Covid 19 is a pandemic, Madagascar is among the safest destinations 2020. Even if you wanted to travel, right now it’s almost not possible. Most countries have closed their borders to tourists and foreigners. Airlines curtailed flights and stopped business altogether. And, many people desperately try to find their way back to their home countries. Several governments ordered lockdowns.


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Madagascar Covid Organics ?

In Madagascar, the president extols the merits of the Covid Organics herbal tea that can make Madagascar among the safest destinations 2020. We talk here about Medicinal plants and ancestral preparations that might prevent you from coronavirus. In Madagascar, a “miracle” herbal tea has received the support of the country’s president Andry Rajoelina.

In Madagascar, Ravintsara essential oil with known antiviral and anti-infectious properties is in competition. And his rival has a strong ally since President Andry Rajoelina did not hesitate to promote the CVO or Covid Organics. CVO is a herbal tea made from Artemisia, a plant with scientifically proven efficacy against malaria. This herbal tea gives results in seven days, he said after drinking, during the launch on April 20, 2020, 33 cl of this drink developed by the Madagascan Institute for Applied Research (IMRA) and supposed to cure coronavirus .

Does Covid Organics makes Madagascar the sefest destinations 2020 ?

We can change the history of the whole world, enthusiastic Rajoelina at this highly publicized ceremony which took place a month to the day after the announcement of the first cases of Covid-19 in the Big Island. Two Covid-19 patients have already been cured thanks to Madagascar Covid Organics. One of the two recovered patients is none other than my aunt, he added.

Today we can say that we have had good results with this potion. We talk about our body defender in this war against the coronavirus. We will distribute it free of charge to all Malagasy people. Starting with the identified contact cases, continued the Malagasy president.

Door-to-door distribution by soldiers
While recognizing that certain substances can alleviate the symptoms of coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also recalled that there is currently no evidence that they can prevent or cure the disease.

Andry Rajoelina quickly backed down, now insisting on the preventive properties of the famous herbal tea. Which would at least strengthen the immune system. Thursday, April 23, soldiers went door to door in the alleys of the capital Antananarivo. Their mission: distribute the elixir to prevent the spread of the virus! We’ve been looking forward to taking it since President Rajoelina was seen drinking it on television, said Jean-Louis Rakotonandrasana, 58, a cart shooter, after receiving seven sachets of the remedy.


Travel safely to Madagascar : the safest destinations 2020.

Even if we knew that people who recover from COVID-19 have immunity, it’s still possible they could carry the virus on their hands or clothes and transmit it to someone else. Normal life, including travel, is simply too risky right now. To flatten the curve, we all need to stay in our homes as much as possible. Minimizing contact with other people is the best way to save lives. But the perfect thing to do while you’re saving the world by self-isolating is to plan your ideal vacation for when the COVID crisis is all over. And Tsiky Tour has got you covered here to find the the safest destinations 2020

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