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Almost holidaymakers look for exotic destinations to change scenery. They allow to visit picturesque regions and to know other cultures. To escape for a few days from daily life and pollution, visit Nosybe, the jewel of Madagascar.

Nosy Be Madagascar Tsiky Tour Madagascar Madirokely Beach accommodation nosy beWhere is Nosy be Hell Ville ?

Nosy be belongs one of those paradise islands of 320km², located in the north west of Madagascar coasts. The tropical sun shines all year round (340 days of sunshine) and the average temperature climbs at around 25 ° C. The four corners of this pearl of the Indian Ocean are surrounded by beautiful beaches cradled by the Indian Ocean. The majority of the inhabitants of Nosybe have Malagasy nationality. They speak French correctly. Foreigners from all walks of life work there as tour operators (tour operator nosy be, hotel and restaurant managers or leisure club owners). In addition, farnientes at the edge of the sea and nautical activities, this jewel of Madagascar contains endemic fauna and flora.

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Nosy be remains the number one tourist destination of Madagascar. It is one of the largest purveyors of foreign currency in the local economy. It welcomes tens of thousands of holidaymakers every year. All nosy be accommodation options are available on site: palaces with private beach, 3, 4 or 5 star hotels, bungalows or rooms at the inhabitant. Invoices are paid in euros or Ariary (1 € ≤ 4 000 Ariary). Major nosy be accommodation operators and cash machines found almost everywhere accept all credit cards. A week’s stay allows you to relax and indulge in the exploration of the natural riches of the scented island.

The tourist attractions in Nosy be Madagascar

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The main city of Nosy be is Hell ville. You can find luxury shops, art shops, bars, nightclubs, spa and recreation centers. Charming seaside villages are the originality of Nosy be. Andilana is the preferred destination of the privileged class. Ambatoloaka, Madirokely, Ambondrona and Orangea are charming little hamlets that also face the sea. Their beaches with crystal clear waters compete with beauty.

Tour operator nosy be offers 4X4, motorcycles, quads and bicycles as holiday rentals to discover all the corners of the island. Yachts, catamarans, speedboats and boats of various sizes also allow you to see humpback whales, whale sharks and other cetaceans passing through the region.

Madirokely Beach, Madagascar

Madirokely beach nosy be

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Rental agencies offer underwater diving, big game or sport fishing, jet-skiing, water skiing, canoeing, towable buoy and trekking for water sports enthusiasts. On the mainland, interesting tourist attractions are not to be missed in the island of Nosybe. The 740 hectares of the Lokobe Nature Reserve contain the endemic plants that make the region famous. Mount Passot which is the top of the nosy be island allows to contemplate the depths of the island and the ocean. In a tiny forest called by the natives the Sacred Tree is a banian fig tree whose ancestral branches intertwine wonderfully. You will experience a typical tropical atmosphere if you visit the Dzamandzar region during the Donia Festival. Shows animated by local stars as well as those from neighboring islands, carnivals, songs and modern or traditional dances enliven this small town for a week.

The Nosy be Madagascar : an unforgettable destination

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When you return to this , do not forget to bring souvenir gifts. Local artisans make amazing art objects with precious wood, raban or coconut.

Nosy be Madagascar and its beautiful beaches

Once you arrive in Hell Ville, the largest city on nosy be island, you have many choices as to the first beach to visit. 7km away is Ambatoloaka, a fishing village around which many luxury hotels are built. A few minutes away, is located another tourist site, Madirokely beach, the favorite holiday resort for locals. Every Sunday, this small hamlet gets animated by local people. Yet most vacation rentals are cheaper there. Always heading north, you will discover Ambondrona, the must-see destination for all visitors to Nosy be. It has a charming rounded cove on which you can bask in the sun all day long or practice miles and water activities.

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Nosy Komba : the hyphen between Nosy Be, the famous island perfumes, and mainland Madagascar.
This peak of the island is at an altitude of 622 meters, covered by dense tropical forest. The mapof the island strangely looks like a giant turtle, it is surrounded by volcanic rocks, protecting shores from rough waters. The island is also called Nosy Ambariovato, meaning the island surrounded by rocks.
Nosy Komba is known for its many small and inhabited beaches as well as for its emerald like water. Nosy komba is a small jewel of nature, increasingly visited and becoming a mirror of its larger neighbor, Nosy Be. Tranquillity prevails as there are no cars, neither electricity. Beauty of nature and sweetness of life make it a most attractive place to be.


Nosy Iranja is located off the famous northwest coast of Madagascar, bathing in the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel. This island in the Indian Ocean is actually made of two small islets connected by a thin white sandbank covered by water at high tide. The largest islet called Nosy Iranja Be (``be`` which means ``big`` in Malagasy) is about 200 hectares, while his little sister Nosy Iranja Kely (``kely`` who you guessed it means ``small`` ``in Malagasy) covers about 13 hectares. At low tide, the islands Nosy Iranja Be and Kely become one, connected by this sandbank 2km long.
You can reach this island by the sea. Count about 1h to 1h30 of journey starting from Nosy Be. Several tour operator nosy be offer day trips by speed boat.


Nosy Antanikely means ``the island of the small land``, we could even speak of islet, it is uninhabited, the visitors come in excursion to the day but can not sleep on the island. Since 2010, access to the island is controlled.
The ``East`` beach is the swimming area, however, it is possible to dive all around the island, buoys delimit the area of the reserve.
Primarily intended for scuba diving, snorkeling, apnea and seabed enthusiasts but also for nature lovers and tourists on a walk, ``www.tanikely.com`` aims to provide information on diving in France. Madagascar and to treat all that is related to this activity: the sites, the dives, the ecology, the providers ...


Sakatia is located on the west coast of Nosy Be. Take the time to discover this island on foot, with its 6 km on 2 km, it’s not a journey that difficult, and between the charming fishing villages, coves and vast beaches, rice fields, paths dotted with creepers vanilla, coffee, lemon tree, orange chameleons, lemurs and others, you will spend a day of the most friendly!
In order not to miss anything, the best is to go through a guide, indeed only you will miss the most interesting points such as Mount Belvédère to admire the 360 ° landscape, discover the secret of the fire root , fadys, cemetery island, island hat and other interesting details.
For lovers of scuba diving, beautiful spots are to discover.

nosy be madagascar nosy komba nosy sakatia, nosy iranja

Palm-Beach, a luxury hotel so popular with the wealthy vacationers from all walks of life has taken up residence in this typically Malagasy village.

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In NosyBe, lodge, villas and bungalows equipped with modern amenities welcome visitors looking for tropical atmosphere. Local dishes and recipes from all continents are wonderfully concocted in the finest restaurants, pizzerias and bars along the roads. Lobsters, shrimps and crabs are present on all dining tables. Exotic fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, soursop, papayas also find their place in all different dishes. They are sold at the same stall and serve to prepare different types of desserts and drinks.

Diving holidays in Nosy be Madagascar

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According to tour operator nosy be, Nosy-Be has the most beautiful beaches in the world. Local tour operator offer rental of all types of cars and other means of transport such as quads, motorcycles, scooters or bicycles. With catamarans, sailboats and fishermen’s canoes, you can go boating to explore the surroundings of nosy be island or participate in fishing, sports or big game. Extreme sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to water activities. Jet ski, trekking, surf kit and scuba equipment can be rented on site. Other water activities such as surfing and water skiing are also possible in its idyllic beaches. This part of the Indian Ocean is the favorite spot for humpback whales, white sharks and dolphins. Excursions and cruises to discover the seabed and the northern part of Madagascar.

Direct flights served by Air Madagascar and Air France connect France and Europe to NosyBe. Thanks to its tropical climate, this jewel of Madagascar welcomes holidaymakers all year round.

Nosy be Madagascar : the local landscape and indigenous people

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Nosy Be is a dream destination in the Indian Ocean. With the crystal clear sea that surrounds it on all sides, it has beautiful beaches with blond sand. On the mainland, Mother Nature has rewarded nosy be island, paradise of a thousand and one assets. Its landscapes are atypical and its inhabitants welcoming.

NosyBe deserves its name of “perfume island”. Upon leaving the international airport, visitors are greeted by a pleasant fragrance. Extensive ylang-ylang plantations run along the road to the largest locality in Nosy be Madagascar. They form a real floral crown that seems to welcome newcomers. The nectar of this aromatic plant is very useful with luxury perfume manufacturers. Many farmers pick ylang-ylang flowers for local distilleries.

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This islet of 321 square kilometers has wonderful beaches such us Madirokely Beach, decorated here and there with charming traditional villages, comfortable falfa bungalows or luxurious 3, 4 or 5 star hotels. During a stay in nosy be island, travelers have the opportunity to see live aboriginal or to link conversations with them. They are friendly and warm. The influx of tourists has encouraged them to learn foreign languages. Some understand perfectly the languages of Molière and Shakespeare while others manage to articulate some words in Italian or Japanese. Most of them offer themselves as guide nosy be in order to show the sense of hospitality while earning a few more ariary.

Nosy Be Madagascar : the fishers’ island

In NosyBe, the main activities of the local population are fishing and agriculture. Throughout the day, it is not uncommon to see women with a basket on their head crossing the beach up and down. They sell tourists local delicacies, freshly picked juicy fruit or handcrafts. In the afternoon, young people indulge in the pleasures of the beach or organize amateur football and beach-soccer matches. In the early evening, the frail fishermen’s canoes return to the mainland. Whether they return empty-handed or loaded with fish, the whole village welcomes these heroes who have crossed the sea since sunrise with dances and shouts of joy.

By linking native conversation between two tourism activities, there are many opportunities for those who want to know more about Nosy Be Island, its people and the local culture.


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