Tourism : Suppression of tourist visa for 2010

Tourism : Suppression of tourist visa for 2010

The political crisis that Madagascar endured for nearly one year and a half had a great impact on the tourism sector. Since 2009, tourists are reluctant to take a trip to Madagascar and those who did come but are penalized by the visa fee of 60 Euro that they have to pay once at Ivato airport. In 2009, the revenue generated by this sector decreased by about 60% compared to 2008, or 116 million dollars. To boost the tourism sector and support tour operator Madagascar activities, the government decided to increase the annual budget for tourism sector of 15%, a sum which should be about 30 billion MGA and it is also accompanied by the maintenance of the abolition of tourist visa. This provision decided by the Government in May 2009 was therefore extended by one year according to the ministry of Finance, Hery Rajaonarimampianina.

So this year, tourists will not have to pay the visa fee after their arrival in Madagascar but  if their stay is over one month, they must pay by a certain fee. Indeed, this new provision will apply only for short tourism, no more than one month because above this threshold, tourists will pay MGA 100,000 for a visa of stay less than two months, MGA 140,000 to MGA 200,000 for a stay of between 2 months to 5 years and 250,000 ariary for a visa stay of more than 5 years and permanent residence visa. And for the extension and the final exit visa, foreigners should pay a sum of MGA 80,000. This initiative is expected to boost tourism and vacations in Madagascar especially in normal times, this sector generates a revenue of nearly 308 billion ariary.

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November 2010

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