Tours in Madagascar

Tours in Madagascar

7 reasons to visit Madagascar

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tours in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island state located off the south-east coast of Africa, between the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean. It is the 4th largest island in the world. It  stands out for its distinctive ecology that has allowed the evolution of several endemic species. Biodiversity and the high rate of endemicity of living species on the island appeal to travelers seeking an authentic destination. The island is the natural habitat of thousands of animal species. This includes the famous lemurs a must-see during your tours in Madagascar. Much of the island is still covered with dense rain forests. For seaside tourism, Madagascar does not lack attractions for travelers of all kinds. Madagascar and its small neighboring islands are home to the best beaches and also the most extraordinary reefs in the world, conducive to idleness, diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

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To these ecotourism attractions are added impressive landscapes in the hinterland, a very welcoming population and a multi-ethnic culture. All this makes the journey ever more enriching in an incredible diversification. The tour operator madagascar offers all travelers for tours in Madagascar otherwise. The budget evolves according to the circuits and therefore the duration of the stay, but the trip to Madagascar remains since all the circuits are not equal. We propose you 7 reasons why you should visit Madagascar and its extraordinary diversity.

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Beautiful places far from mass tourism – Get your tours in Madagascar today !

Madagascar is a dream place for tourists. The beauty of the island surprises foreigners and locals alike, especially those who love adventure in nature. Much of the country is still unexplored by the mass tourist. But Madagascar is not only an ecotourism destination. This destination is also home to many exceptional sites and seaside resorts to bask on heavenly beaches and enjoy a holiday under the sun. Being a tropical destination, Madagascar enjoys sunshine almost 8 hours a day. The temperatures are pleasant to live throughout the year, around 30º C on average. For your tours in Madagascar, know that the season is cooler between the months of May and October and becomes very hot from November to April in some areas. Because of this, hiking is a very popular activity of travelers in Madagascar. The more athletic can go trekking for several days.

Seaside resorts to bask on heavenly beaches wait for you you during your tours in Madagascar

Madagascar brings together all kinds of landscapes as picturesque as each other. Tours in Madagascar reserve a great moment of pleasure, the places to discover are not lacking and the relief brings its touch of authenticity in the trip. Massive mountains, escarpments, plateaus, dunes, arid savannahs, deserts, marshes, lagoons … This unique relief also makes the reputation of Madagascar destination. It brings together a beautiful and diverse landscape and unique flora and fauna.

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Many natural national parks and protected areas

In Madagascar, there are several unexplored sites where vegetation is lush and animal species still live in their natural habitat. For tourists looking for quiet places and in the heart of nature, nothing better than visiting national parks and protected areas. They are found everywhere in Madagascar even these places represent only about 12% of the national territory. The particularity of these nature reserves is their authentic landscape as well as the flora and fauna unique in the world.

Isalo Park, Ranomafana or Akaranfantsika, Tsingy of Bemaraha tours in Madagascar

These nature reserves are home to tropical rainforests, savannahs, ruiniform massifs or stunning deserts sprayed with fauna and flora that have adapted to these atypical ecosystems. It’s always a good time to sneak into the canyons of Isalo Park, to find your way in the dense forest of Ranomafana or Akaranfantsika, or to discover the needle-shaped rock massif up close. Tsingy of Bemaraha. The idyllic landscape of the Baobab tree forest of the Avenue des baobabs is one of the must-see tours in Madagascar. These places are accessible to hiking enthusiasts and conducive to exploring on foot even though mountain biking, equestrian and 4×4 tours are often offered in some sites. In addition to hiking, picnicking, trekking and trekking, birdwatching is also popular with visitors to the national parks and other nature reserves on the island.

tours in Madagascar
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Unique flora and fauna for your tours in Madagascar

Madagascar is unique in terms of fauna and flora. In fact, nearly 80% of the island’s fauna and flora are unique in the world. This represents about 150 species of mammals, 60 species of birds, 240 species of reptiles and 1200 endemic plants. Madagascar is undoubtedly the country of Lémurs. The island is home to more than 100 species of lemurs, the most popular of which are Indri Indri, Aye-Aye, Varika mavo and Avahi. Travellers for tours in Madagascar in October to November can see lemur babies in their group. Fossa or Cryptoprocta ferox is also an endemic carnivore of the island. It feeds mainly on vertebrates such as lemurs, lizards and birds, but can also feed on fruit and leaves from time to time.

In terms of flora, the island is distinguished by a high rate of endemicity. Madagascar has more than 860 orchid species (150 native species), 8 Baobab species (6 endemic species) and more than 165 palm species. Contact us to arrange your tours in Madagascar today ! 

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Surfing, diving, kite surfing, fishing, sailing and kayaking.

Madagascar has a coastal strip of about 5500 km. It consists of lagoons lined with white sand, unexplored coves and coconut palms. As the Malagasy coasts are home to fishing villages, traditional outrigger canoes and dhow are part of the coastal landscape in Madagascar. This brings a special charm to these tours in Madagascar as travelers can immerse themselves in the daily life of the locals, or even wait for the return of the fishermen to admire or at best buy the fruits of the fishing. The beaches make the reputation of most resorts in Madagascar. This is particularly the case of Ifaty, Diégo-Suarez, Foulpointe, Andilana, Ambatolaoka, Fort-Dauphin, etc. There are still wild beaches on the Nosy Be archipelago. The landscape is simply heavenly. But these beaches are protected from mass tourism because of the presence of turtles that come during the spawning season.

The beauty of the landscape, the beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea are not only conducive to relaxation. Travelers can take part in activities such as surfing, diving, kite surfing, fishing, sailing and kayaking.

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Diving in turquoise waters during your tours in Madagascar

The coast of Madagascar is surrounded by coral reefs over an area of ​​more than 2,000 km². Diving is an activity not to be missed on the coast, from north to south. This coral reef delineates the coastline for more than 1,400 km. These coral reefs abound with diverse aquatic fauna. Diving enthusiasts will be spoiled during their tours in Madagascar for the many dive sites that are found near the coast. In some places, especially on the west coast and small islands around Madagascar, the clarity of the sea is favorable to snorkeling. It is an interesting activity to admire the aquatic fauna and flora. The seabed of the coast is rich in fish in the colors of the rainbow.

Humpback whale watching in Sainte Marie

Humpback whale watching is an activity apart for tourists traveling to Sainte Marie. While the island is known for its paradise setting to enjoy a dream tours in Madagascar, Sainte Marie is also the destination not to be missed from July to October to admire the whales that are passing through the ocean Indian to breed. The passage of these large marine mammals near the island is an unforgettable moment, many sea trips are organized at this time not to miss this particular sight. A site not to be missed during a trip to the island of Sainte Marie is the discovery of the only cemetery of pirates that exists in the world.

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A warm and welcoming people

Madagascar is composed of several ethnic groups, a mixture of different origins: African, Arab, Indian, Asian and European. This diversity is at the origin of a rich and unique cultural heritage. The locals are accustomed to tourism and the reception of visitors remains a warm and friendly moment. Tours in Madagascar is also an opportunity to discover the culture and traditions of this fascinating people. Each region has its own traditions, they are different if you are in the highlands or in the coastal provinces. Travelers have the opportunity to discover the beliefs, practices, festive atmosphere, traditional musical entertainment and lifestyles that, let’s face it, create a strong Malagasy identity.

A great culinary wealth await you in Madagascar

The Malagasy culinary dishes are also aimed at gourmands and gourmets. Indeed, there is something for everyone and the quantity is sometimes impressive. As the origin of the Malagasy people is very varied, the kitchen is necessarily. The tours in Madagascar is therefore a culinary discovery, each region has its specialty at least the way the locals cook. Malagasy cuisine is a mix of flavors with local spices. Remember that Madagascar is one of the world producers of spices: cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, pink berries … In addition, there are locally grown succulent fruits and vegetables. During your tours in Madagascar the coastal towns, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of the various freshly caught seafood dishes. It is always a pleasure to taste fresh oysters served with a spicy sauce during a trip to the Malagasy coasts, it is also found on any beach. Savoring seafood is also a moment of ecstasy, whether offered in restaurants or on the beach.

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