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The final price of this tours madagascar that will include Andasibe National Park Tours & RN7 route will vary according to the desired customization. However, kindly let us know your budget and the plan you have in mind, we will come up with the final price that fits your needs.

12-days Andasibe National Park Tours & South route

Antananarivo – Andasibe – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa  – Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty – Antananarivo


Arrival at Ivato airport. Formalities for the visa. Guests are welcomed by our representative and transfer to hotel. Installation at the hotel.
Night and lodging in hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Andasibe. On the road, panoramic view of the eastern highland of Madagascar. Stop in Marozevo to visit the private reserve of Peyreiras. During the visit, we can see endemic island animals such as chameleons, frogs ... After a 1 hour visit, continue towards Moramanga. Possibility to visit the market and the city of Moramanga. Then, road to Andasibe National Park. Arrival at the end of the afternoon
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Antsirabe. On the way, panoramic view of the rice fields on way and the tombs of the Highlands of Madagascar. Stop for a visit in Ambatolampy at the manufacture of aluminum pots. In the afternoon, arrival in Antsirabe. Visit of the City of Waters and some Malagasy craft workshops.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to visit the Analamazaotra National Park. It is the only national park where you can find the biggest lemur of Madagascar, the Indri Indri. The park is also located in a humid area, and several floras and fauna are found in this locality and many are endemic. We make a visit of 2-3 hours. In the afternoon, visit of the Vakona reserve. Possibility of seeing other species of lemurs and other animals.
Accommodation at the hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Ambositra. Ambositra is the capital of Malagasy crafts and wood carving. Visit of some craft shops in the city of Ambositra. Then continue to Ranomafana. On the road, admiration of the Betsileo ethnic group landscape with its architecture and rice culture.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit of the Ranomafana National Park. Ranomafana is a humid forest that is characterized by the presence of endemic fauna and flora to the island. There are different types of flowers such as orchids and ferns. There are several faunas in this park such as the different varieties of lemurs and chameleons. The visit lasts four hours approximately. In the afternoon, transfer to the capital of the Betsileo ethnic group, Fianarantsoa. Visit of the city and its historical monuments. The ancient city of Fianarantsoa is classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to Ambalavao to visit the Antemoro paper and silk manufacturing workshop. Then, visit of the private reserve Anja in Iaritsena to see the ring-tailed lemurs. Continue to Ranohira via Ihosy, the village of Bara ethnic group. Arrival at the end of the afternoon in Ranohira.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure by car to the National Park of Isalo. A day dedicated for visiting the fauna and flora of the park, and also the natural pool, the black and blue pool. The park is known for its Canyon also.
In the afternoon, sunset in the famous ``window of Isalo``.
Overnight at hotel


Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure to the southern part of Madagascar. View of the first south baobab. Admiring the arid landscape and tombs of the Mahafaly ethnic group. Stop in the national park Zombitse Vohibasia to admire the southern baobabs. Then, continue to the village of fishermen where the most beautiful beach in the south is located, Ifaty.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Day off
Overnight at hotel

DAY 11: IFATY – TULEAR – ANTANANARIVO (domestic flight)

Breakfast at the hotel.
Transfer to Tuléar airport to take the flight to the capital. Arrival in Antananarivo, the clients are received by the representative of the agency.
Accommodation at the hotel.


Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit of the city of Antananarivo. Visit of the craft market, the largest market in the capital.
Transfer to Ivato airport to take the international flight. Boarding formalities


– 4×4 car (2-4pax) with French or English speaking driver
– Minivan (4-6pax) – bus (from 7pax) with driver
– All the fuel all along the circuit
– Tourist taxes.
– Airport – hotel – airport transfer.
– Local guides in national parks and nature reserves.
– Entry fees into national parks and nature reserves mentioned in the circuit.
– Rooms with breakfast.
– English / Spanish speaking guide from 4 people
– Picnic on Day 10
– Half board from 7 pax


– The visa.
– Tips
– International flights and domestic flights.
– Personal spending.
– Drinks.
– Lunch and / or dinner
– Tax at the airport


The 12-day tour from Tananarive – Andasibe to Ifaty allows you to visit the paradisiacal sites of the Big Island. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to discover crafts … visit several national parks and reserves, during this

The RN7 from Tana to Tulear – Andasibe National Park Tours

Andasibe National Park Tours “presents Madagascar differently. Andasibe National Park, Indri-Indri, lemurs and prestigious chameleons of Ranomafana Park, Makis of Anjà Park, Andringitra-Tsaranoro trekking and Isalo National Park. Then, let yourself be captivated by the greattours madagascar. 12 days of travel along the famous RN7 road from greenery to aridity. Unsuspected landscapes nestled in the heart of Madagascar: the National Parks of Ranomafana, Andringitra, Isalo and Zombitse. Not to mention relaxing along the beaches of Ifaty. This is roughly what awaits you during your South tour Madagascar.

Diademed Sifaka in adasibe tour madagascar tsiky tour operator
Giraffe Weevil of Madagascar - tsiky tour madagascar
mantadia lodge
andasibe tour tsiky tour madagascar


Here, you will have an idea of in what hotels you will stay during this South tour Madagascar


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SOUTH – EAST SOUTH Route : 15 days – 14 nights<br /> Directions : Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Manakara – south east coast Channel of Pangalanes – Fianarantsoa – Tsaranoro – Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty – Antananarivo



SOUTH ROUTE PASSING THROUGH THE TSINGY – 15 days – 14 nights - Directions: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Morondava – Bekopaka – Morondava – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ranohira – Isalo – Toliary – Ifaty.



SOUTH- EAST- SAINTE MARIE Route – 18 days – 17 nights - Directions: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana –Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Ranohira – Tuléar –Ifaty – Antananarivo – Andasibe –Tamatave- Mahambo – Sainte Marie – Antananarivo


The Amazing Island : Andasibe National Park Tours

Book your tours madagascar at the best price with Tsiky Tour Madagascar. Offer valid all year but preferably between May and November.

The South of Madagascar is the destination with a thousand facets, many surprises await throughout this tours madagascar. This is a must for travelers crossing to Madagascar who wish to cover the wonders of this southern part of the country. The tourist attractions are not lacking and the hospitality of the locals makes the adventure even more pleasant. Madagascar is full of several eco-tourism sites, varied landscape and impressive biodiversity, all in an idyllic setting. The interest of this tours madagascar resides in the discovery of all these natural riches that make the reputation of the island, in addition to the lemur of Madagascar.

What can we discover at Andasibe National Park ?

Book your Andasibe National Park Tours with Tsiky Tour Madagascar – Clik HERE

The Andasibe National Park tours represents the first destination of this tours madagascar. It impresses for its panorama of primary forest rich in biodiversity, refuge for many animal and floral species. This protected area has many observation points to admire the various endemic species of the island in their natural habitat. The Mantadia National Park comprises 5 different circuits and the Analamazoatra reserve, on an area of ​​810 hectares about 140 km from Antananarivo on the RN7.

Where to discover the largest lemur in Madagascar?

This tours madagascar allow to see an idyllic landscape composed of splendid natural pools and incredible waterfalls in a scenic landscape. We go to meet Indri Indri, the largest lemur in Madagascar. Another 10 species of lemurs coexist in the park, including Aye-Aye, Varika mavo and Avahi. This natural forest at the Andasibe National Park Tours is also home to about fifty species of reptiles, amphibian species and especially one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world “Urania madagascariensis”. Many species of flora are also to be discovered, among others the 20 species of orchids which are characterized by a rate of endemicity of 100%. This South tour Madagascar will offer you the best of ecotourism in Madagascar.

What is the fame of Ambatolampy you will visit during this tours madagascar?

Ambatolampy, a small rural town located a few kilometers from Antananarivo on the RN7, boils down to tradition and authenticity. The city is a must stop during this tours madagascar. The place is charming and tourists take pleasure in discovering the beauty of this city located at the foot of the massif of Ankarana. Ambatolampy’s reputation is based on its traditional foundries and its production of aluminum, copper and bronze objects. We can take the opportunity to buy some souvenirs before continuing the circuit south of Madagascar.

What does this tours madagascar reserves in Antsirabe?

Antsirabe, or the city of water, is an essential step of this tours madagascar. This city located 170 km south along the RN7 is a resort for tourists and Tananarivians. The excursions allow you to discover the various tourist attractions of the region, including Lake Andraikiba (8 km), Lake Tritriva (17 km) and Lake Andranobe (14 km). The visit of this place is essential for lovers of discoveries and adventures. But the city is famous for its many thermal springs.

What is special about Ambositra, Zafimaniry handcraft?

Ambositra, located 260 km south of Antananarivo, is the capital of Malagasy crafts. When talking about Ambositra, Zafimaniry art comes directly to mind. The Zafimaniry are distinguished by their talent to carve wood. Sculptural art covers practically all the wooden objects used by this ethnic group: kitchen utensils and furniture, and even the walls and doors. These sculptures attract tourists passing through Ambositra. The Zafimaniry woodworking know-how is also part of UNESCO’s world cultural heritage.

What is so special about Ambositra, the Savika?

The city Ambositra has a large arena dedicated to “savika”, the rodeo to the Malagasy. This traditional game is impressive while being dangerous. The savika is to fight against a zebu, the young men try to cling as long as possible to the bump or the neck of the zebus. The discovery of the city of Ambositra with its cultural and historical richness is also an activity apart that should not be missed during this South tours Madagascar.

What is special about Ranomafana National Park?

This dense evergreen forest is home to several species of flora, including tropical hardwoods, ferns, bamboos and hundreds of orchids. On the road, picking guava from China is a must for travelers. Ranomafana National Park is home to 12 species of lemur from Madagascar, but also other animal species to discover imperatively along this tours madagascar. In addition to the Madagascar lemur, there are also 350 species of spiders, 90 species of butterflies, 58 species of reptiles, 98 species of amphibians, 115 species of birds of Madagascar, 13 species of rodents, 6 species of fish, 74 species of insects …

What to see in Ambositra?

The tours madagascar reserves a picturesque landscape along the RN7. In the Betsileo region, the landscape is marked by the staging of rice terraces. The regularity of the stands is impressive. The Betsileo have mastered the irrigation of the hilly landscape of the highlands and the famous technique of rice terracing. The cultivated landscape highlights the different cultures of the region.

What are the tourist attractions in the “City of the Sun”?

The town of Toliara is at the end of the RN7, on the banks of the Mozambique Channel and south-west of Madagascar. Toliara, nicknamed the “city of the sun”, is characterized by a rhythmic atmosphere in the evening. The friendly conviviality of the locals seduces the visitors during this tours madagascar. The city is full of nice and interesting places for ecotourism lovers. After a long and rewarding visit, dream beaches invite you to relax. The most athletic can still engage in water activities.

What to discover in the seaside resort of Ifaty?

The seaside resort of Ifaty is a stone’s throw north of the city after a delightful walk through the dune along the Fiherenana River. Beautiful beaches are near an authentic fishing village, the village of Mangily. Ifaty is one of the most beautiful places of this tours madagascar with its white sand and azure waters. The place is ideal for relaxation, snorkeling and diving. The diversity of the underwater fauna is also another asset of this seaside resort. Ifaty is home to one of the largest coral reefs in the world with multicolored coral fish and sea sponges. Traditional Vezo fishermen’s canoes bring a touch of authenticity to this destination.

What awaits us in Anakao during this tours madagascar?

The small village of Anakao seduces with its landscape of breathtaking beauty. The turquoise and transparent waters invite to bathe while the amateurs of idleness can benefit from immense beaches with fine sand and white. The more athletic can indulge in diving, snorkeling and surfing, Anakao reserve spots for these activities. This diversity makes this village a must during this tours madagascar. The visit of the village of Anakao, accessible by boat from Toliara, also allows to discover the succession of traditional huts of nomadic fishermen. These Vezo Tombs run along the beaches and represent remnants of the region’s beliefs.

What is the culture of the southwestern region of Madagascar?

Many museums represent a rich cultural life, including the Maritime Museum and the Mahafaly Museum of Arts and Traditions. The maritime museum is on the road to the commercial port, there are collections of seashells and fossils. As for the museum of arts and traditions Mahafaly, it shelters objects tracing the evolution of the craft and customs of the tours madagascar. These two places are essential when visiting the city of Toliara.

What can we discover at the Antsokay Arboretum?

Lovers of hiking and ecotourism will be in the spotlight during this tours madagascar with the show offered by endemic flora of the Southwest that will not leave every tourist indifferent. During your trip to Toliara, visit the Arboretum Antsakoay is a must. This botanical park was created in 1980 and is home to nearly 920 plant species, some mammals and reptiles. This place contributes to the conservation of endemic flora, officials also rely on the reproduction of plant species threatened by deforestation. A visit to the park is an eco-responsible gesture. The Arboretum of Antsokay is just 12 km from the city center.

Ambatolampy, a must-see place during this tours madagascar

Ambatolampy is a rural town along the RN7, about 70 km south of Antananarivo. Since always, Ambatolampy is a place of essential passage by taking this road towards the South of Madagascar. The city and its surroundings abound with several tourist places. The homemade production of pots, cooking utensils and other decorative items in aluminum is a discovery in its own right. Indeed, Ambatolampy is full of family foundry workshops where we can discover the artisans at work and also buy some objects and trinkets. The quality of the products is quite impressive considering the technique used for their manufacture. At Ambatolampy, we must believe that the trades of the forge and aluminum foundry are family activities that have passed from generation to generation.

There are more activities you can make in Ambatolampy during this tours madagascar

Hiking is also a favorite activity for visitors to Ambatolampy. Several tours are proposed to immerse oneself in the nature.
Equestrian excursions offer great moments of relaxation and discovery. There are also private ranches and horse farms, tours not to be missed for horse riding enthusiasts. The visit to Ambatolampy is also a good time to discover beekeeping, a very abundant activity in the region. The population is mainly made up of farmers recognized by the cultivation of potatoes, but also other agricultural productions such as corn, cassava, rice, vegetable products and fruits.

A typical Highland town

Ambatolampy is a city crossing the RN7, located at the foot of the Ankaratra massif. It is a small and lively rural town where travelers and tourists of this tours madagascar will love to stop to discover local products and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Ambatolampy is a typical highland city with a low city and a high city. The heights of Ambatolampy host the administrative offices, the hospital, the brothers’ school and the hotels. The lower town includes the railway station, the market, the municipal stadium and the racecourse.
The climate is cool and temperate because of its location at high altitude, but the good season to visit Ambatolampy remains the dry season, from April to October. Ambatolampy lives under the subtle smells of eucalyptus, filao, fir, cypress and mimosa. These are in bloom between July to September.

The famous aluminum foundries in Ambatolampy

The city of Ambatolampy is characterized by artisanal aluminum foundries. It’s a true local tradition with almost a hundred small and very small businesses, most of them family-owned, producing pots, cooking utensils and other decorative items. There are also other workshops specialized in the manufacture of copper and bronze objects. The quality of the traditional casts always surprises tourists of tours madagascar when visiting these foundries of Ambatolampy. It is the same for the dexterity of artisans who work without any body protection. Ambatolampy aluminum products are found in almost all Malagasy homes, including kitchen utensils and cooking pots.

Behenjy and its gastronomic wealth

A gastronomic detour to Behenjy is essential if you have not taken the time to enjoy a cup of coffee with the famous “menakely” (rice donuts), sausages, roast chickens with local spices and foie gras. This place is known for its foie gras productions, the best of Madagascar. Behenjy has become a favorite stop for RN7 south tours madagascar travelers.


Located 50 km from Ambatolampy, the village of Tsinjoarivo, formerly called Andrangalisa, was the stronghold of two lords: Andrianaivoravelo and Ramanjaka. The place was the holiday resort of the sovereigns of Madagascar. Queen Ranavalona I built a palace (“Rova” in Malagasy) which currently houses a museum. The palace was once made up of five buildings, the largest of which served as the royal residence “Trano Fahasivy”. Tsinjoarivo is crossed by the river Onive which offers a spectacular show at the waterfalls of Ambavaloza with their impressive falls. A few hundred meters away are the waterfalls of Andriamamovoka. The nature walk with picnic is the main attraction of Tsinjoarivo. Book your tours madagascar with us today. Click on Contact form to get quick quote.

Ankaratra Massif

Ambatolampy is rich in hiking sites. Trekkers will be at their peak with the ascent of Ankaratra. The massif of Ankaratra is located about thirty kilometers from Ambatolampy and is conducive to the pleasures of hiking, riding or cycling through wild mimosas.

Mount Tsiafajavona

Lovers of mountain hikes will be in the spotlight with hikes on Mount Tsiafajavona, peaked at 2,650 meters above sea level. Touristic tours guarantee an incredible landscape with the discovery of exceptional places of worship, the beautiful forest resort of Manjakatompo (about 9,000 hectares), waterfalls, ponds and the famous Cold Lake at the foot of the Mount. Contact us today to get your tours madagascar Quote.


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