Traveling from Israel to Madagascar via Eilat

Traveling from Israel to Madagascar via Eilat

Traveling from Israel to Madagascar via Eilat adds an extra layer of convenience for Israeli tourists. Israel is a globally renowned beach destination, but its travelers are also globe-trotters who relish exploring other authentic destinations. With the assistance of a guide, Madagascar becomes a prime choice, attracting adventurers, explorers, and relaxation seekers from Israel. Flights are operated from Eilat Ramon Airport, making it easily accessible for those in southern Israel to embark on a journey to this unique destination located in the western region of the Indian Ocean. Madagascar offers a captivating blend of vibrant cultures, diverse landscapes, and extraordinary wildlife experiences for Israeli tourists to discover and enjoy.

How to travel from Israel to Madagascar from Eilat?

Air transportation is the fastest way to travel to Madagascar from southern Israel. Eilat is a highly touristy port city that also hosts the new Eilat Ramon Airport, connecting to several major cities worldwide. Various airlines provide the link between Israel and Madagascar from Eilat Airport, including Israir Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Air Mauritius, Air France, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian, and Kenya Airways. These airlines offer Israeli travelers a quicker route to Madagascar from cities in southern Israel, along the Red Sea and near the Jordanian border.

What are the preferred flight options for the Israel to Madagascar trip from Eilat?

Eilat Ramon Airport serves the Red Sea coast and cities near the Jordanian border. This international airport offers Israeli tourists a wide range of flights to Madagascar: Israir Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Air Mauritius (via Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai, Mauritius), Israir Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air France (via Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Paris), Israir Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian (via Tel Aviv, Brussels, Addis Ababa), Israir Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian (via Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Addis Ababa), and Israir Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways (via Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Nairobi). Israel – Madagascar flights from Eilat are only available with layovers. The Eilat-Antananarivo flight takes between 25 and 29 hours, but the duration depends on the airlines and layovers.

Are there restrictions for the Israel – Madagascar trip from Eilat?

Madagascar lifted travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic on August 11, 2022. Madagascar is open to travelers worldwide, regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status. Israeli tourists can enter Madagascar without being required to undergo a PCR test at Eilat Airport or an antigen test upon arrival at Antananarivo Airport. Note that vaccinations for diseases like malaria, cholera, hepatitis, and fever are not mandatory, although they are recommended.

What are the tourist attractions of Madagascar?

While Israel boasts numerous tourist sites, including the beautiful resort town of Eilat, visiting Madagascar ensures an unforgettable experience in nature. Madagascar is a true nature sanctuary, offering Israeli tourists the chance to explore its rich natural diversity, beaches, and coastal sunshine. The main tourist attraction of Madagascar lies in its diverse landscapes, fauna and flora, culture, and population. It’s a multifaceted tourist destination, catering to nature tourism, discovery tourism, beach tourism, cruise tourism, cultural tourism, village tourism, and more. Those who love vast landscapes will be amazed by the scenery and ecological and zoological heritage in the dozens of national parks and reserves on the island. Madagascar provides a wide range of accommodation options for tourists, including luxury hotels, budget hotels, eco-lodges, bungalows, bush lodges, villa rentals, and homestays. During visits to national parks, why not opt for a night under the tent, with designated camping areas available.

What are the must-visit tourist sites during the trip to Madagascar?

Madagascar boasts several exceptional tourist sites, and visiting some of them is a must during your journey from Israel to Madagascar.

The west coast of Madagascar is dotted with beautiful beach destinations, including the stunning white sandy beaches and exceptional underwater landscapes of places like Nosy Be in the north and Tulear in the south. Nosy Be is a paradise composed of several small islands surrounded by the clear waters of the Mozambique Channel, offering fine sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, and excellent diving spots and other water activities.

A detour to Sainte-Marie on the east coast of Madagascar is a must. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, hear stories of piracy, and indulge in beach activities. Don’t miss the humpback whale migration during their seasonal passage.

Visiting the famous Avenue of the Baobabs in Morondava is also a must to admire the giant baobabs and the majestic view during sunset.avenue of the baobabs tsiky tour madagascar

Various national parks showcase significant endemic biodiversity amid breathtaking landscapes. Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, located about 3 hours from the capital Antananarivo, houses various plant species typical of the tropical region and endemic animal species, including Madagascar’s famous lemurs. In the central-western part of the country, the Tsingy de Bemaraha is a unique natural wonder. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990, this integral nature reserve features limestone formations with caves, cathedrals, and sharp, skyward-pointing peaks. Trails are built within the reserve for visitors to admire this picturesque landscape and observe the vegetation, lemurs, reptiles, and birds.

Finally, Antananarivo, not just a passing city, offers many interesting activities. Israeli tourists can stroll through the city center, visit historical sites on the outskirts, or go hiking in the mountainous regions of the Analamanga region.

When to travel from Israel to Madagascar?

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has a tropical climate with only two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season, from April to November, is the best time to visit Madagascar. The moderate temperatures allow tourists to fully enjoy various activities on chosen routes. However, be cautious of the winter chill in the Central Highlands, where it can get very cold at night. The rainy season extends from December to March. Visiting the East Coast during this period is not recommended due to the impracticality of the road. For other regions of Madagascar, rainfall is lower, except during cyclonic events.

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