Trip from Croatia to Madagascar via Zadar

Trip from Croatia to Madagascar via Zadar

Madagascar has become a highly popular tourist destination in recent decades. However, it remains relatively unknown in Eastern Europe. Efforts have been made to promote Madagascar’s tourism to this new market, particularly with the introduction of flights between Zadar and Antananarivo, making the Croatia to Madagascar Travel journey a unique opportunity. Flying is the fastest and safest way to cover the 7,715 km distance between Zadar (Croatia) and Antananarivo (Madagascar). Zadar Airport serves the Zadar County and Croatian cities north of Dalmatia, offering a gateway for travelers interested in exploring Madagascar with Tsiky Tour Madagascar.

Which flights should you choose for your journey from Croatia to Madagascar via Zadar?

Travelers from Croatia can access Madagascar through flights departing from Zadar Airport. Options include flights operated by Croatia, Ethiopian (via Zagreb, Frankfurt, Addis Ababa), Croatia, Lufthansa, Ethiopian (via Zagreb, Frankfurt, Athens, Addis Ababa), Croatia, Austrian, Air Mauritius (via Zagreb, Vienna, Mauritius), Croatia, Turkish Airlines, Air Mauritius (via Zagreb, Istanbul, Mauritius), and Croatia, Air France (via Zagreb, Paris). These are connecting flights, and the duration varies depending on the route and number of connections, ranging from 19 to 29 hours, including transfer time.

What are the strengths of Madagascar’s tourism?

Madagascar boasts several attractions that make it a significant player in international tourism. As an island with diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity, exploring its nature through hiking is a remarkable experience. Croatian tourists  can visit various national parks, tourist sites, cultural places, and historically rich cities. The beaches and natural scenery of Madagascar are particularly appealing to those seeking tropical and unique destinations for their vacations.

For the Croatia-Madagascar journey from Zadar, what are the must-visit places in Madagascar to see lemurs?

Lemurs, the iconic animals of Madagascar, can be found throughout the island. Madagascar is home to various lemur species, and tourists can encounter them in beautiful parks. The Andasibe National Park, located just 3 hours east of the capital, is a must-visit for observing the large Indri-Indri lemurs. The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in the west is the habitat of six lemur species, while the Ranomafana National Park in the south showcases over twenty lemur species. Other locations, such as Isalo National Park, Berenty Reserve, Lokobe Reserve, and Amber Mountain National Park, offer opportunities to observe different lemur species. These protected areas also provide a chance to discover various endemic mammals, reptiles, and birds.

What are the entry requirements for Croatian tourists traveling to Madagascar?

For the Croatia-Madagascar journey from Zadar, Croatian nationals must fulfill certain entry requirements. These include having a passport with two blank facing pages and a validity of at least 6 months beyond the return date. Travelers must also present a printed copy of their electronic ticket, accommodation details, and a visa upon arrival. Obtaining an entry and stay visa is mandatory for all foreign nationals entering Madagascar and can be requested online before departure or issued at Ivato International Airport in Antananarivo. The maximum duration of stay with a tourist visa is 90 days, and the visa is non-extendable and non-convertible into a long-stay visa. Croatia to Madagascar travel involves adhering to these regulations for a smooth journey.

Are there any health restrictions for the Croatia-Madagascar journey from Zadar?

Madagascar is considered a safe destination, as evidenced by the “Safe Travels Stamp” from the World Travel & Tourism Council, ensuring the safety of travelers, including Croatian nationals, for the journey from Croatia to Madagascar via Zadar. Despite the lifting of some COVID-19 restrictions, sanitary measures remain in place. Since August 11, 2022, travelers worldwide are welcome in Madagascar without the need for a negative RT-PCR test before departure or an antigen test upon arrival. However, tourists are advised to stay informed about the evolving situation before their departure.

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