The tourist visa is compulsory for any visitor arriving in Madagascar and it is to withdraw on arrival at the Ivato airport for a sum of 60 Euro. But exceptional case for 2010, the Ministry of Tourism has decided to make the visa free.

The monetary unit is the Ariary. 1 Euro equals about 2600 MGA (but evolves following the course of currency fluctuations). In large cities, some great restaurants and hotels accept payments in Euro or dollar. It’s the same case for the tourist visa.

Madagascar has a tropical climate. Throughout the year, on coastal areas, it’s hot. But in the center of the country (Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa,…), the highlands, the climate depends on the season. Winter starts from May until August. The day is dry and nice but there is a slight drop in temperature. It oscillates between 10°C to 22°C. From September, it’s hot. However, the wet season starts from November until late March. For this, we recommend to not forget to bring light clothes for trips on coastal areas and warm clothing for the highlands. Do not also forget the sunscreen and mosquito repellent.


If you are under medical treatment, we recommend you bring with you everything you need. Throughout your stay, always remember to drink only bottled water. You should also be careful in terms of sun exposure.


Madagascar is divided into 18 ethnic groups and each has its typical dish of the region. But the resemblance is the basis of the food is the Malagasy rice with a dish such as meat and / or vegetables. However, most hotels have varieties of international dishes mainly French, Chinese and Italian. About the dessert, the island has a wide range of fruits but the variety depends on the season and the region.

In Antananarivo, the capital, a large craft market gives tourists the opportunity to purchase various items from local handicrafts of the whole island. But all along the roads and tourist sites in the provinces, you can already make purchases of souvenirs. Bargaining is a common practice.

Given that staff salaries in different sectors is not very high, tipping is a customary service in the country. Wherever you are, people always expect a few things from the « vazaha » (european tourist). So it is always advisable to have local currency in his pockets.

Electric voltage
Electrical voltage current in Madagascar is 220V. The socket is predominantly an European plug.

The official language in the country is Malagasy, but the language of instruction is French. In large cities, most people speak French. Currently, the new education system also introduces English from primary school class.

To pack in your luggage

– Sunscreen
– Anti Mosquito
– Impermeable
– Walking shoes
– Flashlight
– The drugs needed
– Hat or cap
– Towel (for the beach and camping)