Trip to Madagascar in 2024

Trip to Madagascar in 2024

Traveling to Madagascar in 2024 has always sparked international tourism interest. Madagascar welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world every year. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the tourism activity on the large island in recent years. The Ministry of Tourism and key players in the tourism industry in Madagascar have collaborated to implement strategies to revive the sector, considering its significance to the country’s economy. Here’s everything that can be useful for your trip to Madagascar with Tsiky Tour Madagascar.

What is the role of tourism in Madagascar?

Tourism is a very important economic sector in Madagascar. It is also one of the country’s primary sources of income. In 2016, tourism generated more than 300,000 visitors. Traveling to Madagascar in 2024 with Tsiky Tour Madagascar offers a unique opportunity to explore the diversity of ecotourism and sports tourism. The country is home to numerous natural parks with exceptional flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. The island is also conducive to sports tourism, both inland and in the sea, with numerous spots for water activities and hiking circuits that You can follow us on TripAdvisor’s website.  Tourist accommodations also live up to the reputation of the destination Madagascar. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has halted this momentum. Despite the opening of borders, the destination Madagascar has remained stagnant.

How is the tourism sector in Madagascar in 2024?

With the implementation of anti-Covid-19 health measures, tourism activities in Madagascar have been slow in recent years. The last commercial flights from abroad were recorded in March 2021, exclusively for Nosy Be. The reopening of Malagasy borders has been effective since October 23 for regional flights (Reunion and Mauritius) and since November 6 for international flights (Paris). This resumption of air connections signals a new phase of tourism restart as the high season approaches. During the first quarter of 2022, 40,014 international and regional passengers had arrived at the airports of Nosy Be and Antananarivo. According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, 58% of these passengers were non-residents, and 28% came to Madagascar for tourism, most of whom were of French nationality. Traveling to Madagascar in 2024 thus offers an opportunity to participate in the revitalization of the tourism sector in this particular context.

How to organize a trip to Madagascar in 2024?

Tourists wishing to travel to Madagascar can tailor the travel formula to their preferences. They have the option to use a travel agency or plan their own trip. Using a travel agency is the easiest way to discover the best offers from tour operators and organize the best stay in Madagascar. Those who wish to travel to Madagascar in 2024 can create a travel program that will be perfectly adapted to their preferences and budget. The best local travel agencies can provide you with a quote in the shortest possible time.

Tourists can also plan their trip to Madagascar themselves. They will need to make many comparisons before deciding: flights, accommodations, activities, and various rentals.

What are the formalities and health measures to come to Madagascar?

Those wishing to travel to Madagascar in 2024 need the following documents:

Valid passport for 6 months after the return date Paper copy of their electronic ticket Round-trip or continuation ticket Accommodation address Tourist visa issued at the airport of Antananarivo (non-immigration, not extendable, not convertible into a long-stay visa) It is also mandatory for all passengers to comply with anti-Covid-19 health measures and stay informed of the situation’s evolution. At check-in, they must present the negative result of an RT-PCR test taken less than 72 hours before the embarkation date. They will also have to complete the PCR test (antigen test) upon arrival at Antananarivo airport and quarantine while awaiting the results. These commitments must be formalized by signing a letter of commitment, which must be submitted at the time of check-in.

What types of adventures can be discovered in Madagascar?

Traveling to Madagascar in 2024 is a true biodiversity hotspot. Natural tourism is also the spearhead of tourism in Madagascar. The fauna and flora offer a great discovery moment through numerous trekking and hiking routes. In addition to endemic species, the landscape is also part of the natural riches of the large island. Visiting natural parks is essential. Madagascar is also known for its white sandy beaches. The country also has several must-visit places for kite surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, sport fishing, etc. An international trail competition and a kite surfing festival with professional riders are planned for this year. The Ministry of Tourism and sector stakeholders have implemented a tourism revival strategy after this long pause. It is planned that educational tours will be organized in about ten tourist cities in the second semester of 2022. This discovery trip should allow resellers to appreciate tourism offers more and convince their clients more easily of the destination Madagascar.

What to bring back from your trip to Madagascar?

Traveling to Madagascar in 2024 offers an unparalleled dive into an island rich in discoveries. Handicrafts play an important role in the country’s culture and economy. Madagascar exports a good part of these handicraft products. Tourists also have the opportunity during their trip to discover artisans at work. They can also bring back these handicraft products as souvenirs. And one must believe that the choice is not lacking; the Malagasy are true artisans. Embroidery and leather goods are the most popular among tourists. Woodwork is also incredible in Madagascar. The Zafimaniry art always arouses curiosity with its furniture and decorative objects carved in precious wood. There is also tinware and its incredible miniature objects made from tin cans and beer bottles, jewelry and kitchen utensils made of zebu horn or Antemoro paper.


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